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6 Best Software Companies in Dubai

Deemed to be the city of wishes, you can find in Dubai everything you wish for. It is a hub of talent and pools people from everywhere around the globe. Thus, in Dubai, you can come across a lot of different kinds of startups and businesses. At the same time, finding web developmental and software companies is also a possibility you can explore here.

Some of the best Dubai-based software development companies can bring to your table more than you can imagine. But do you know which are the best software companies in Dubai?

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Outstanding software companies of Dubai

Here is a list of six outstanding web and software companies in Dubai. If you plan to establish your business here and need to know more about the best go-to software companies, refer to this list.

One of these software companies will surely meet your goals and requirements alongside your expectations.

1. Flexsin

Flexsin Dubai

Once you’re in Flexsin, you can complete all your software needs in one place. It’s a full circle organization that has some of the most premier clients like Dell, Disney, and even IBM.

Flexsin’s achievements include HIPAA compliant telemedicine web and app for 360EMR. With this app, patients can book an appointment and also track the recovery rate of diseases easily.

Their service metrics can be divided into the following: 20% goes for custom software development, Windows PC software, e-commerce development, mobile app development and 40% goes towards other processes.

The minimum size of their projects is $10,000+ and the employee size of the company is 250-999.

2. Appstirr

Appstirr Dubai

If you want a mobile app development partner, Appstirr can be the best for you. Appstirr comes with several years of experience on the go for their customers in the field of app development.

Appstirr provides a lot of companies with the right platforms- whether it’s UI/UX design, brand presence, or visuals, you can get anything out of them when it comes to the development of mobile apps.

Almost 40% of the company’s focus is on mobile app development while the rest 25% is towards custom software development and 10% is for e-commerce development. The remaining 25% is targeted towards other areas.

Moreover, it’s a NewYork based company with an employee size of 10-49 and their minimum project size is $25000+.

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3. GCC Marketing

GCC Marketing Dubai

The UAE-based company is the next go-to option for those who wish to work with experts from the web development segment. They are a globally recognized brand and help in aligning your website with the modern requirements of the world.

Project sizes ranges are above the $5000 mark and employee size is 50-249. They also focus on e-commerce, web, and custom developments apart from other services.

They cover digital marketing, UI/UX designs, e-commerce marketplace designs, and even Android and iOS app designing schemes. Corporate websites and customized software solutions also are a part of their packages.

4. Brimit

Brimit Dubai

Brimit is a company that focuses on creating ideas and also delivering these concepts as digital experiences.

They have completed 10 years in this field and have clients in over 22 countries. Their famous project was the development of the Sitecore based solution for Chapin industries. The mobile application clicked well and the crowdfunding platform helped draw eyes to Brimit.

With a company size of 50-249, they develop projects of any price range. Located in Dubai, the company is 60% web development industry and 30% CRM Consulting and SI related with just 10% of it being involved in custom software development.

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5. Simelabs

Simelabs Dubai

With almost 50 to 249+ employee size and a minimum project size of $5000, Synergia Labs from India creates both strategies as well as designs in Dubai in the shape of Simelabs.

Whether you want to bring about a transformation in your existing IT sector or wish to deploy full-scaled digital solutions, you gain mind, technology, revenue ideas that help add value to your existing client relationships.

Building new platforms, cloud, and application-based services, blockchain & IoT are some of the sectors in which the organization excels.

6. Inventcolabs

Inventco Lab Dubai

Spread across the United States, Singapore, Qatar, and UAE, Inventcolabs have a long customer list with top names like Adidas, Porsha, Toyota, and even Rentone.

Website, Android & iOS development, UI/UX designs, ICO developmental services, and even MEAN & MERN stack and NFT app developments are some of the targeted zones.

They are also equipped to handle CRM & ERP developments alongside Flutter and cryptocurrency apps.

Their company size in Dubai is 50-249 and the minimum project size is $5000+, their main goal was to serve blue-chip customers.

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We are sure one of these companies will surely serve as a starting point for you. If you are interested in knowing more about these companies, try to find out more about your requirement fulfilment by connecting with them.

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