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Top 10 Benefits of Investing in Dubai Real Estate Market

Dubai is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world. Dubai is a location that offers properties at all price range for investors. Right from waterfront properties to budget friendly apartments, Dubai offers investment options based on the budget and need of the investors. The benefits of investing in Dubai real estate market can be understood with financial growth, stability, diversity, high rental yields and the tax advantages.

Additionally, investors who live in a different have the option to invest properties and those properties can be managed by the property management companies in Dubai. So, even for foreign investors Dubai provides option to invest and manage properties efficiently.

Real estate investment is an excellent investment option to get best return on investment. But to get better returns, we also need to buy property in the right location. So, to help you with your real estate investment and to find the right location to invest, you can also get help from an experienced real estate agency in Dubai. They can help you with selecting the right location and property for investment.

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Benefits of Investing in Dubai Real Estate Market

As we now know how real estate investing can be lucrative, here are top benefits of investing in Dubai real estate market.

1. Tax-Free Environment

Apart from providing the best return on investment, Dubai also provides tax free investment environment for investors. Dubai does not have capital gains tax, rental revenue tax and other taxes to worry about. With all these tax free solutions, Dubai is an attractive investment destination for both local and foreign investors.

2. Affordability

As we discussed, Dubai offers properties in all price ranges. It offers properties to fit different investment preferences and budgets. Right from ready to move luxury projects to off-plan projects, Dubai offers range of investment options.

Dubai also has investor friendly laws, and it also offers golden visa for investors who meet the investment criteria.

3. High Rental Yields

With Dubai being one of the favourite location for expats, the rental yield in Dubai is always higher when compared to other global cities like New York, London and others. Also locations like Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and others offers better rental yields. If you are an investor living in a different country, you can get in touch with a professional real estate agency in Dubai, and they can guide on the locations where the rental yield is much higher.

4. Safety & Security

Dubai is widely recognized as being one of the safest cities worldwide, which plays an essential role in encouraging investors from all sectors, including real estate. Boasting low crime rates and an efficient legal system, Dubai remains committed to the safety of both its citizens and investments alike.

Dubai’s futuristic skyline and luxurious lifestyle attract many foreign property investors, and investing in Dubai offers high rental yields which often surpass those seen elsewhere such as New York or London.

Finally, the steady dirham contributes to the security of investments in Dubai’s real estate market. This ensures an additional sense of comfort to investors while helping preserve property value over time.

5. Stability

Unlike other countries in Middle East, Dubai’s economy is not completely depended on oil, it has a diverse and robust economy. And this environment is ideal for real estate investment. Apart from this stability, Dubai’s tax free regime also is one of the best benefits to invest in Dubai’s real estate market.

But to get better return on investment, it is always better to seek professional help from experienced real estate agents, and they can guide on what is the best location to invest and how to proceed with legal process of buying the property.

6. Investment Visa

One of the biggest benefit of investing in Dubai real estate is getting an residency or Goden visa. Investors can apply for residency visa by investing minimum AED 750,000 (USD $250,000 approximately) in Dubai Real Estate market. Recently in 2019, Dubai announced Golden visa for those who want to invest at least AED 5 millions in real estate. Golden visa holder can get 5 to 10 year residency visa without getting worried about visa related issues. The sole purpose of all these policies is to give high-level confidence to propspective investors.

7. Freehold Ownership

Dubai has also introduced freehold ownership for the expats or for the foreign investors. Where the investors will get full ownership of the property and can get lease, sell or buy properties in designated areas with out any restrictions. This amazing offer has attracted so many foreign investers resulted a big boost to the Dubai real estate market.

Please note that his facility is only available to the designated areas in Dubai.

8. Diversity

A good thing about Dubai is that its landscape offers great deal of diversity in real estate market. Dubai offers wide range of properties such as waterfront beach properties, high-towering apartments, luxurious villas with in-front beaches, master-planned communities or commercial places.

Amazing thing is that each of these offers unique character and amenities. That kind of wide range of diversity allows investors to find all kind of properties according to their lifestyle, budget and the investment goals.

9. Modern Infrastructure and Amenities

Dubai is known for the state-of-art world class infrastructures and top-notch amenities for its residence. Dubai offers unmatched healthcare facilities, leisure attractions, educational institute, high-quality transportation and an exceptionally quality lifestyle. Because of its ever growing infrastructure there is endless oppotunities for the investors resulting Dubai economy is growing rapidly for last many decades.

In recent years, Dubai has tremedously improved its transportation system making it one of the best in the region. All of this make living in Dubai an amazing experience and set new benchmarks in modern metropolis and cosmopolitan living.

10. Population Growth

Another important factor that most of the people ignores but attracts investors is the population growth. With approximately 10.7% annual growth rate, Dubai ranked as the fastest popular growth rate in the world. Because of the luxury lifestyle and high-paying jobs, Dubai is a top choice for professionals from all over the world. Its been surveyed that expats of more than 120 nationalities are currently living in Dubai.

Interestingly, at the same time Dubai has one of the lowest unemployment rate in the World as well.

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These are the top ten benefits of investing in Dubai real estate market. But as discussed in this article, the investor should also do their own analysis before making any investment decision. They need to study the location, analyze the future growth of that particular location, look into the rental yields, and then their budget to make a profitable real estate investment.

If you are an expat or an investor living outside Dubai, then there are several experienced and professional real estate agencies who can guide you on the projects and location to invest. They can guide you on the process of buying a property and maintain them through property management companies too.

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