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How To Find The Best Nutritionist In Dubai?

If you are suffering from weight gain, less weight or laziness. Then what you need is a nutritionist. They help you get what your body is demanding. You may think, “If I’m fat or thin, I have to hire a trainer to do exercise to lose and gain weight accordingly”. Yes, that’s true but having the best nutritionist in Dubai to consult you helps to reach to desired destination faster.
People like you and me usually don’t care what we eat. The number of calories, proteins, and vitamins in it doesn’t matter. Here comes the unhealthy and diseaseful lifestyle. Professional Fitness Science nutritionists are available to give you back control of your life.

Why A Nutritionist is Needed?

 Best Nutritionist in Dubai

Understanding your health and wellness goals

Here’s a story of how a good nutritionist understands your health goals.
I listened to a fat patient who told his doctor to suggest some medicine to reduce weight.
The doctor wrote him a prescription, and he was gone. In some unidentified curiosity, I followed up and asked him about his diet plan. He said, Well, not really any diet plan I follow; I have been told that medication is the solution to my weight struggle.
Then, I consulted him for half an hour and made him a nutrition plan to follow. After three months, he visited my office with a gift as he lost ? of his weight. I congratulate and wish him the best of luck.
This story tells us that the right nutritionist solve our health problems in a natural and more safe way. This is a responsibility of nutritionist in Dubai to understand your body and health, and made you a diet or nutrition plan that works. This could save you from unnecessary medication and offers you a healthy life.

Consult Client keenly

The other responsibility of a good nutritionist is to consult their client keenly. He should know if there is any diet restriction from the doctor. So, he makes a nutrition plan keeping that in mind.
Also, if you are allergic to some fruit or vegetable, you show it to your nutritionist. This way, your nutritionist makes you the best nutrition plan to follow by keeping restrictions in mind.
You will see the positive results in very less time after following diet plan.

Qualifications for a Nutritionist

If you hire a nutritionist without knowing his/her qualifications, you may not get the best results. Here are some qualification factors you should check before hiring a nutritionist.

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN): An RDN makes evidence-based decisions when designing a nutrition plan. This is the gold standard. Check if your nutritionist is an RDN. Fitness Science has the best RDN nutritionists available. You should give them a try.
  • Board Certification: Professional nutritionists also complete additional certifications like Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) or Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE). These certificates also guarantee their eligibility.
  • Licensing: Some states, like Dubai, only allow nutritionists to serve if they have a licence issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). 
  • Experience: Consider a diet planner with at least one year of experience in the field. These planners have a greater positive effect on results than non-experienced diet planners.

Hiring The Best Nutritionist

When you are going to search for the nutritionist, you find a lot of options. Bu not all are truely qualified nutritionists. For that let me recommend you the best nutritionist in Dubai. I’m talking about Fitness Science diet planners. They have

  • Proper Qualification
  • Years Of Experience
  • Consultancy Skills
  • Budget Friendly Sessions

Fitness Science has the best nutritionist available, with all the eligibility criteria and years of experience. Hiring a Fitness Science nutritionist is the best and guaranteed way to achieve your fitness goal.

Do Kids Need A Nutritionist’s Consultancy?

If I say that only men, women or aged people have to visit nutritionists or diet planners, then I might be wrong. Since fatness and thinness are becoming global problems, kids are also affected by them.
Parents do not focus on their child’s diet and make him/her eat unhealthy food. This lack of care ruins their health and limits their curricular activities like playing.
Poor diet can cause not only weight-related problems but also laziness. If your kid has any of these diseases, you should book an appointment with a qualified diet planner.


Thin People eat a lot, thinking that they gain weight, while fat people eat less, thinking that they lose weight. This is not how it works. If you are thin and eat a lot, it doesn’t give you healthy results.
Eating the right proteins and calories on a daily basis is necessary for gaining muscle fat and weight. Same for fat people. To help you get the needed intake and loose of calories, nutritionists come to place.
Fitness science nutritionists are very qualified and able to achieve the best results for their clients. They make you the best nutrition plan. After hiring a fitness science nutritionist, gaining or losing weight becomes a past problem.


What is the highest level of nutritionist?

Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) known as the highest level of qualification a nutritionist can get. To take an exam of CNS, you should have a PhD degree in nutrition or any other related field. Besides a board exam, In CNS, you have to do 1000 hours of SUPERVISED practice.

How much does a nutritionist make in Dubai?

In Dubai, the average salary of a nutritionist is 122,000 to 208,00 AED. A private nutritionist may charge 83 AED an hour and pay around 172,000 AED per year. If the nutritionist is more experienced and well-known, then the pay may increase.

Which country is best for nutrition jobs?

Though there are plenty of jobs for nutritionist in Dubai and the average salary of a nutritionist in Dubai per month ranges from ranging from AED 6,577 – AED 8,039 depending on their experience.However, In my experience, Canada is the best place for nutrition jobs. Canada pays very well to nutritionists such as average salary is $36.19 per hour. Because its population is ageing, more demand means more scope for nutritionists. If you want to be a nutritionist, then Canada is the best choice.

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