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Dubai Travel Tips For First Time Travellers

Did you know that around 1.77 million tourists visited Dubai in January 2024? Dubai offers enlightening and thriving experiences for all kinds of tourists. The cultural diversity, the popular tourist spots, the finest restaurants, and fancy malls, are a few of the thousand things one can seek here.

However, before you start dreaming about your trip to Dubai, you should be ready with your Dubai visa. This being said it is to note that a Dubai visa for Indians is available in a minimum of 3-4 business days (single entry).

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Important Dubai Travel Tips for First time Travellers

Important Dubai travel tips for first time travellers

Moreover, for all first-time travelers, here are a few things that would go a long way in helping you during your Dubai trip. Still, trying to understand certain Dubai rules and needs? Do not worry, we have got you covered! Scroll down to learn the most useful Dubai travel tips for first-time travelers.

1. Best Time To Visit Dubai

When you plan to visit any country, it is essential to analyze the best time to make the most of your trip. In the case of Dubai, November to March marks the best time to visit Dubai. The weather is quite comfortable for exploring the various tourist attractions and also being a part of the wonderful shopping festivals. The months from April to October are quite hot in Dubai. Hence, consider not to plan your trip during this time.

2. Things To Pack

When packing for a trip to Dubai, it is highly recommended to pack light clothes and carry sunscreen. Furthermore, face wipes, sunglasses, hats, water bottles, and mosquito repellant are a few other things you should have. Checkout our complete guide to the things to pack when travelling to Dubai.

3. Dressing Étiquettes

Dubai is one of the most favored tourist destinations. Tourists from around the world visit the country and dress fashionably. Hence, that’s not a problem. But, the thing to remember is that too much revealing clothes could hurt the sentiments of the people because of the culture they share. So, it is advisable to dress modestly. Not just this, the hot weather could also affect your skin. So, it is advisable to cover yourself to avoid extreme burns.

4. Rainfall Month

The month of February brings rain to Dubai. If you plan your trip during this time then the downpour could affect your visit! Besides, the average temperature in Dubai in February stands at 22°C.

5. Eating in Public

While it is quite normal to eat in public in most countries, this is not the case in Dubai. In Dubai, publically eating is considered offensive, during the month of Ramadan. Therefore, even though you are a tourist, it is polite and considerate to follow the rules.

6. Dubai Currency

The currency of Dubai is Dirham. Dirham is denoted by AED, Dh, or Dhs. You can get your currency exchanged for Dirham either in your home country or at the airport. It is crucial to know the current exchange rate. At present, 1 Dirham equals INR 22.6.

7. Alcohol Guidelines

The minimum age limit to have alcohol in Dubai is 21 years. If you wish to buy alcohol then you need a liquor license. One can also buy alcohol from the airport with a duty-free offer. But again, all of this has a certain limit which should not exceed. Also, when the month of  Ramadan begins, alcohol will not be available in any restaurant or bar.

8. Speaking Arabic

Learning a few Arabic phrases could go a long way ahead. This not only helps you in communicating but also reflects a certain degree of respect for the culture of Dubai.

9. Ocean Sunbathes

When you are done exploring the fascinating malls of Dubai, then an ocean sunbath can be your next wonderful experience. Do not miss out on sunbathing in the Persian Gulf and even visiting the fresh Dubai Creek!

10. Transportation

Buses, metros, and taxis are the top three transportation options in Dubai. This transport network has been greatly modernized in recent times and is also a very interesting experience to indulge in!

The taxis in Dubai are cheap, however they often take only cash. The network of buses has over 100 lines, and the metro has two lines, green and red.

11. Cuisine 

Are you confused about what to eat in Dubai? Well, do not worry because Dubai encompasses the best local and international cuisine options. You can taste Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Syrian, and Iranian cuisine. As far as the food cost in Dubai is concerned it is about INR 1,132 to 3,398 for mid-range restaurants.

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End Note

Dubai is one of the most extraordinary and fun places you can explore. Be it the food, be it the style of the happening festivals, everything is going to please you.

However, to ease your trip and not cause any issues, you must know some things before visiting Dubai. We hope these Dubai travel tips help all first-time travelers when planning a trip to Dubai this season!,