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10 Best Stylish Mugs and Glasses to Buy Online in Dubai

A hot, brewed-to-perfection coffee or your favorite cuppa joe needs a special mug to cherish the drink. The same goes for glasses to enjoy juice, smoothies, or your favorite alcohol at home parties. Mugs or glasses can complement and even level up our drinking experience. You may be an all-time-favorite solo mug owner or a hoarder of glasses and mugs of medley designs. Whatever the case, looking into the best options available for your beverage vessel is exciting. So here we bring the list of the best mugs and glasses that you can buy online in Dubai.

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Buy Mugs and Glasses Online in Dubai

Here are the best 10 stylish mugs and glasses, that you can buy online in Dubai.

1. Nerthus Porcelain Cup

Nerthus 100 ml cups serve as both a cup and a glass. If you’re confused about picking among mugs and glasses, then this nicely designed cup can be your partner in serving both purposes. The cup keeps its content warm for a long time. It is available in beautiful designs and colors that would make you spoilt for choice. The cup can be used as glass as it doesn’t have a holder or handle like mugs or cups. It has a thumb dent on its body for a holding grip. This makes it a uniquely crafted piece for showcasing with your dishware and enjoying your daily beverage.

2. Typhoon Café Concept Latte Mug

A classy, minimalist mug for serving your delicious espresso. It’s 550 ml, which is tall enough for you to enjoy a wholesome latte or just milk coffee at one go instead of filling it up multiple times. Typhoon Café Concept’s range of mugs, cups, bowls, and pots come in pastel shades of grey and pink. It is made from ceramic with a glazed finish giving it an earthy stoneware feeling. If you love this mug (it’s hard to resist this beauty anyway), you can get matching cups and others from this range to make a complete set. It is safe for dishwasher and microwave usage. That makes it the best coffee mugs in Dubai.

3. I Want It Now Cute Illustration Unicorn Mugs

Cutesy animal, unicorns, and adorable text; all in one mug! The I Want It Now unicorn illustration mugs feature animals as unicorns in adorable illustration with a catchphrase. It’s super adorable, especially, if you have a soft corner for cutely illustrated merchandise. The print is made from special ink hot-pressed on the mug, manufactured in the UAE. It is microwave and top-rack dishwasher safe.

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4. Autoysur Borosilicate Double Walled Mugs and Glasses

Enjoy the pleasure of drinking from glassware without the hassles of using one! Borosilicate glass is a great option for replacing normal glass, as it’s not prone to breakage or damage and has a greater threshold for temperature ranges. The range of double-walled borosilicate cups, glasses, and coffee mugs is a lightweight range of glassware. The double wall feature offers insulation so that you can enjoy your favorite drink, coffee, or tea without getting scorched. The best part about Autoysur’s double-walled glasses and mugs is that it doesn’t form condensation inside the walls or water rims, unlike other brands’ double-walled glassware. They are great for both chilled beverages and hot drinks. Most of the entire range is freezer, microwave, and top-rack dishwasher safe. Some of the glasses may be suitable for hand-wash only, check the instructions when you purchase them.

5. Tefal Travel Mug Grande 0.5 L

This is the thermal bottle cum drinking mug you need while traveling. Carry your hot coffee, tea, or cold beverage while on the go. Keeps hot beverages hot for 6 hours and chilled ones cold for 12 hours. It has an easy button press operation and 360 degrees aperture so that you can drink from any side. Made from durable stainless steel, it is leak-proof and highly durable. It is BPA-free, reusable, and an environmentally sustainable option. It sports a sleek design with a soft touch silicone grip body and stainless steel edges. Additionally, it is safe for dishwashers.

6. Ladelle Abode Textured Mug and Coaster Set

Gorgeous, aesthetics, and earthiness, are the first terms that come to your mind when you see this mug and coaster set. The mug is crafted from porcelain with the look of stoneware. The large grain texture details on the surface make it really appealing. The cork coaster complements its look and provides a stable stand for placing it and prevents stains and spillages. It’s available in sage, white, and stone colors. It has a delicate charm to it, yet it’s durable. It’s spacious with a 350 ml capacity to allow you to enjoy a full cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

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7. Boston Warehouse 14 oz 4 Stacked Mugs with stand (assorted styles)

Boston Warehouse products are always about innovation combining utility. These mugs are great for gifting or for making them your favorite set for daily use. Each stack contains 4 different designs of a similar style. So you can choose a different one each day. The metallic stand makes them look clean and beautifully stacked while providing convenient storage. They are glazed stoneware; easy to clean in a dishwasher or use in a microwave oven.

8. Boston Warehouse Souper Mug (assorted styles)

Are you a die-hard mug lover who wants one for having food as well? Then the Boston Warehouse Souper Mug is your top pick. It’s an extra-large-sized 22 oz mug that can be used for soups, noodles, rice, salads, i.e, any kind of one-meal food. It seals the food with an airtight lid and prevents spillage. The lid has a date dial to mark when the food is stored. This makes it great for storing leftovers as well. It is stoneware and is available in lovely designs to choose from. The plastic lid is BPA-free. It is suitable for oven heating, freezer, and top-rack dishwasher usage.

9. Ocean Madison Cocktail Glass Set 285 ml

Wine connoisseur? Cocktail lover? This cocktail glass set from Ocean’s Madison range is definitely a collection worthy of any fancy glass lover. It has a set of two beautiful-looking cocktail glasses perfect for serving wines, mocktails, margaritas, martinis, fruit juices, and ice cream fusions. Also, It has a wide rim and a supporting circular base to prevent it from toppling. Cocktail glass has a slick stem with a glossy finish which makes it looks so elegant when served. The glass is resistant to cracks and chips. It’s easy to clean and can be stored in the freezer for serving chilled drinks. It’s perfect for at-home dinner dates and for house parties.

10. Ocean Unity Hi Ball Water Glass Set of 6

These beautiful glasses from Ocean enhance your experience while drinking, whether it’s a glass of water or a sparkling soda, or a tinted juice. The highball glass has a reflective base and surface that gives it a glowing semblance. It’s a beautiful set to own for daily use or for serving guests refreshing drinks. It has a fine look with a clear view, is lightweight, easy to grip, and easy to clean. To top it all, it is also dishwasher safe.

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Mugs and glasses clearly add aesthetic and style and are a mood lifter depending on the kind you choose while sipping your beverage. Some glasses and mugs can be used both for drinks and beverages. Although new products keep coming in, and the list cannot be exhaustive, we tried to compile a list of hand-picked choices of stylish mugs and glasses buy online in Dubai. Here’s hoping you love them!

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