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5 Benefits of Buying a Beachfront Property in Dubai

Buying a beachfront property in Dubai is a dream for many. Although Dubai isn’t the biggest city in terms of size, it has plenty of beautiful beaches. These popular destinations include Umm Suqeim Beach, Nikki Beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park, Jumeirah Beach, La Mer, and Kite Beach.

These beaches attract tourists and locals alike, so many hotels and residential properties are found in these areas with several projects set to begin or near completion.

With numerous beachfront residential properties to choose from, they should be on top of your list if you are thinking of buying an apartment in Dubai.

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Reasons to Invest in a Beachfront Apartment in Dubai

beachfront apartment in Dubai

If you want to invest in a beachfront property in Dubai, below are the top five advantages of buying an apartment in any of beachfront residential areas in Dubai:

1. Own a Home in a Beautiful, Healthy, and Enriching Environment

When your home is near the sea, you will always have something lovely to look at. The ocean view won’t fail to calm and reinvigorate you. Which is something that you will appreciate when you come home after a stressful day at work.
Moreover, living in this area allows you quick access to a natural workout area. The sand and sea are excellent for running, swimming, and other water sports and outdoor activities that will help you stay fit and healthy.

Lying on a lounge chair or on the sand, watching the views and breathing the fresh air will help you relax, as you simply admire the joy of life.

2. Enjoy a Beach Lifestyle all Year Round

If your idea of a perfect holiday like most of us are going to the beach. You can save plenty of money since you won’t have to travel far to enjoy your vacation.

Since your home is near the sea, you can engage in your favourite water sports and activities all year round. Whether it’s swimming, skimboarding, paddleboarding, boating, snorkelling, or scuba diving, you can do them anytime you want to.

You can also save plenty of money on family vacations since there is a whole beach is located in your front or back yard.

Moreover, many of Dubai’s coastlines are clustered together. As such, you and your family can hop from one beach to another easily without the need to drive or take public transportation.

The major benefit of buying a beachfront property in Dubai is that Dubai’s beaches are full of all kind of attractions. Such as parks, amusement centres, water parks, restaurants, malls, and movie theatres. Because of this, you will never run out of things to do and places to visit whether you are on holiday or not.

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3.Have a Steady Passive Source of Income

If you already own a home in Dubai and are investing in an apartment to broaden your portfolio. Or you want to buy property in this city but won’t be residing here, you will do well to buy a beachfront residence.

Residential properties located near the beach are popular among tourists and holidaymakers. The quick access to the sea is always a deal-maker for anyone looking for a place for a weekend getaway or long vacation in Dubai.

Additionally, homes with a water view are more likely to interest people looking for a property to rent. If you are looking for long-term tenants, your chances of getting them will be higher with your beachfront apartment in Dubai.

If you want to turn your beachfront apartment into a rental or holiday home. You will have a steady source of income when you invest in this type of property.

4. Invest in a Market-Secure Property

Real estate experts agree that beachfront properties have a high market value, especially when compared to inland and other types of residences.

Beachfront properties maintain their value even when the market is volatile. As such, your investment remains secure regardless of the market conditions.

Because of this, you will never have to worry about losing money on your property when you need to sell it.

5. Enjoy High Resale Value

Lastly, when the time comes for you to sell your beachfront home, you will be able to make a neat profit on the sale.

This is because beachfront properties are limited and are always considered a prime spot. This actually applies for areas with a good view, like new homes and community in Brightwater area with in Ontario, Canada with an amazing lakefront view. Aside from the view, such spots often have swarms of tourists. As such, there is always a shortage of availability of beachfront properties for the buyers.

As a result, your chances of finding a qualified buyer willing to pay your asking price will be high. Especially if your property is well-maintained and does not require any extensive repairs. Also if you have invested in some noteworthy upgrades, such as wall to wall carpet installation the sale certainly will be high.

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A Quick Guide to Buying the Perfect Beachfront Apartment

Beachfront Property in Dubai Guide

Quick access to the beach and fantastic views are two of the important factors you have to consider when buying a coastal property. However, there are other aspects you need to take into consideration, as well.

Security & Safety Check
First, check the overall safety and security of the location. Make sure the area is secure and peaceful. Especially if the nearby beach is a popular destination and can become crowded during peak seasons. Additionally, find out if the place is conducive for families and children.

Check the proximity of essential establishments to the apartment building, too. Supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, cafes, parks, banks and pharmacies should be within walking distance. So that you can save time and money when you need to go to these places.

Access to Other Beaches
Consider the apartment building’s proximity to other beaches, as well. Especially, if you love beach-hopping and exploring a variety of places on foot.

Consider Commute and Children School
If you are working, check how far your potential home is from your workplace. Additionally, if you have kids, consider its distance from your children’s schools.

Close to Metro/Bus Station
If you commute every day, ensure your future apartment is near a metro station or a bus stop. Dubai is working on developing public transportation.

Amenities within the Building
Since you are buying an apartment, find out which amenities are available within the building. At the very least, you should have access to a swimming pool, fitness centre, garden or park, and parking area.

Beachfront Apartment Adobe Property

Whether you are buying a ready-to-move-in apartment or an under-construction property in Dubai. There are many benefits you can enjoy when you choose the right one in a beachfront property in Dubai.

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