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6 Wedding Dress Tips for Plus-Size Brides in Dubai

Will you get your dream dress in your size? Would you look good on your big day? Do you need to cut kgs to look good? These are the most common questions brides ask themselves before their wedding day especially if you are the plus-size bride. Some brides don’t want to lose weight just to look zero-sized on the big day because this is not what they actually are. They are proud of their beautiful curves and want to embrace themselves on the wedding day.

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Plus-Size Bridal Dress Tips

However, this can be very risky as it is not usually easy to find a wedding dress for the plus-size brides. Don’t stress your mind with such questions. Here we have mentioned some tips for your wedding dress shopping.

1. Call Before You Go

First and foremost, call before you go. Most of the shops don’t keep stock wedding dresses for plus size brides in stock. Don’t feel down but save the hustle. Call them and ask if they carry larger sized samples. Make a list of the ones who do and then spend your day browsing the styles. Use City chic promo code to save a handful while shopping online. Also, check out our article on how to save money while shopping online in Dubai.

2. Choose a Talented Seamstress

Contact a designer who is well-versed with plus seized outfits and ask him for the styles that would suit you. If you’ve always wanted to wear a particular designer at your wedding, go for it. Visit the store and ask him to show styles as per your shape and size.

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3. Try Wedding Gown with a Wedding Day Undergarments

Support garments change the shape of your body a bit. So, you have to be particular about bringing them into your fittings if you want the perfect shape and size.

4. Have an Experimental Mindset

As we say, don’t let anyone or anything dictate you from looking the best on your big day, even if it’s the design that you’ve always wished to wear. Some brides have a design in mind for their wedding dress.

However, not being a professional, they are unable to judge if the dress would look good on them. This is when you need a designer to help you with the choices. If he comes up with a few better designs, be open to them and try them out.

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5. Prioritize Comfort

By this, we don’t want you to make choices within your comfort zone but to be comfortable in whatever you choose. Don’t try to fit yourself in a two-size small gown and convince yourself that you would be fine. You won’t. Also, it is very easy for you to fall for something more fashionable instead of a comfortable one. Get that clear and put comfort first.

6. Take a Friend Along

Wedding shopping isn’t as stressful as it feels. So, you need a shopping buddy who will give you a pure and unbiased opinion and support you when you don’t find your size. Bring someone who actually listens to you and has your best interest known. Someone who tries to sway you into uncomfortable choices isn’t right for your wedding shopping decisions.

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Wedding days are always the best days for the couple, especially for the brides. Getting married is a wonderful experience and brides have dreamed it since their childhood. And the process of looking good for this big day should not be that stressful. With mentioned above tips choosing a wedding dress will be very easy.

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