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Top Considerations to Make for Your Restaurant POS System in Dubai

A Point of Sale (POS) system is essential for all restaurants operating in 2021 – no matter the size, cuisine, or aesthetics. The right POS system will work as an operating system for your entire establishment, aiding you in managing your staff, monitoring inventory, promoting customer loyalty, and analysing data to boost your business (as well as plenty more!).

In other words, a POS system can transform every aspect of how you work — as long as you choose the right one. However, this is where it can be challenging, as there are a variety of restaurant POS systems in Dubai, not all of which will be right for you.

To help you determine what you need, keep reading for the top considerations you must make before choosing your restaurant POS system in 2021.

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1. Personalised Customisation

Every restaurant is different, which means that you have your own specific set of needs and preferences as a restaurant owner. For this reason, you want only to be considering POS systems that provide you with a degree of customisation to ensure that you can satisfy your establishment’s unique demands. In some cases, this may mean designing your menus in a specific way or generating one-of-a-kind reports.

Whatever your needs are, you must consider the extent to which potential systems can be customised and integrated. This is critical to any system’s ability to be effective.

If you utilise other third-party software or hardware, you also want to ensure that your new POS system can integrate. For example, many restaurants opt for an iPad-based POS system as it seamlessly integrates with the technology already present. What’s more, your team will benefit from the familiarity of using an iPad, as they will be able to learn the software more quickly and feel comfortable using it daily.

Similarly, you don’t want only the system to be customisable, but also the onboarding process. Look for a POS system provider that offers a tailored onboarding process for your team.

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2. Enhanced Usability

No matter what type of features you want your new POS system to include, you must make sure that ranks high in usability. After all, there is no use in having a system that isn’t attractive and intuitive, regardless of what it does. Therefore, when considering potential POS systems for your restaurant, you must ensure that it makes it easy to place orders and process payments, as well as, accomplish other back-office functions ranging from reporting to accounting, and employee management.

Usability is also integral to the success of implementing the POS into your business, as you want your staff to be able to learn the new system quickly. Not only will usability improve your staff’s experience, but it will also improve your guests’ experience. For this reason, the best POS systems always prioritise the quality of the user experience, making it more seamless for you to integrate it into your current processes and keep all stakeholders satisfied.

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3. Intelligent Reporting

One of the main reasons you want to implement POS software into your restaurant this year is to provide you with access to reporting that enhances all aspects of your business. That being said, you want to make sure that you are selecting a POS system that offers high-quality Intelligent Reporting. With this type of reporting, you will quickly find yourself with valuable insight into your operations, as well as actionable data, providing clarity concerning critical drivers of your restaurant’s performance.

The best POS systems have the necessary data mining, analytical and reporting tools to generate the insights needed for more informed business decisions. They automatically mine and analyse all the data collected through menus, guests, employees, inventory, and other operational and financial aspects of the business.

Then, you can track and monitor your preferred key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as your net sales, current performance, and occupancy rates. You can also analyse guest spending, menu item profitability, table seating configuration, server productivity, and various other relevant data sets.

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4. Continuous Support

As long as you implement a high-quality POS system, you are unlikely to encounter too many challenges. That being said, you want to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your provider is there for you (at all times) to offer tech and customer support. Whether you need help getting back online, your employees have usage questions, or you want tips on making the implementation process more seamless, you want your POS software partner to be there for you.

The best POS system providers know that providing 24/7 support is non-negotiable. After all, you can’t have your system going down in the middle of a shift. Don’t settle for anything less than round-the-clock support in the form of in-person, email, phone, or a dedicated WhatsApp group.

Similarly, the ideal POS system provider prioritises communication with their clients and is upfront with updates, changes, and issues related to their software. This is crucial for trust-building and therefore needs to be a consideration when looking for your POS software.

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Final Thoughts

The right POS system can transform all aspects of your business – as long as you choose the appropriate one for your setup. Opting for an iPad POS system is highly recommended as it requires a simple setup: an iPad, a cloud-based software, and a credit card reader. What’s more, these systems are straightforward to run and easy to train people for, making them ideal for everyone involved.

Additionally, as they are the most convenient option, the best iPad POS software Dubai offers the most streamlined sales process, reduced service time, and fast inventory management. Also, all transactions and operations are stored in the cloud, meaning that your data and reports are easily accessible. If you want to have the best customer and employee experience with your new system, then an iPad POS system is your best option.

Have you considered implementing a POS system into your restaurant this year? Why or why not? What do you see would be the biggest benefits for your business? What would be the challenges? Let us know any relevant thoughts, insights, or questions you have in the comments below!

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Ross Smith is the Managing Partner at iPad POS Middle East. Based in Dubai, covering the whole of the Middle East, the company is passionate about helping restaurateurs and retailers alike find the most suitable point of sale system to meet the needs of their business. They specialize in iPad-based point of sales systems and are resellers of Revel and Vend.

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