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Differences between Rusty Paint and Corten Paint

In recent years, the paint industry has released a spate of rust-effect paints for both indoors and outdoors.

Rustic and metallic paints are rising as people tap into the rusty texture indoors and outdoors.

Do you know these types of paints are developed using pigments and solvents? They aren’t real metal, so they oxidize on exposure to the sun.

But if someone wants to have a rustic touch in the office or at home, what options do they have?

Between the arrays of options, we have rusty and Corten paints.

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Difference Between Rusty Paint and Corten Paint

Rusty effect paint changes the material into a rusted surface after some time. Conversely, corten effect paint undergoes an oxidation process to make it rusty.

But the differences don’t stop here between the two paints. So, let’s dig deeper and examine some of the differences between the rusty corten effect paints.

Features Rusty Effect Corten Effect
Oxidation Natural oxidation with iron-oxidizing on the surface. Stimulated oxidation with oxide and hydroxide is used to produce an effect.
Resistance Rusty effect paints are dust and light-resistant indoors and not outdoors. Corten effect is more resistant indoors and outdoors to dust and light.
Application Rusty effect has several application steps:

  • Primer
  • Iron base
  • Oxidation
  • Washing
  • Rust blocker
  • Transparent protective
    Corten effect has a three-step process:

    • Primer
    • Corten effect base
    • Transparent protective
    Vertical/horizontal surfaces The rusty effect oxidizes more on vertical surfaces than on horizontal ones. But it does create a realistic touch. You can paint vertical and horizontal surfaces easily.
    Reproducibility Two painted and oxidized surfaces will never be the same, just as two rusted sheets are never the same. It’s an innate trait that defies the rusty effect from Corten. If the same amount of paint and application method is used, the surfaces can be replicated quickly.

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    So, now you know the difference between rusty and Corten effect paints. Both are excellent choices if you are looking for a rustic feel indoors or outdoors.

    If you are looking for a budget-friendly option and want a stimulating effect, you can obtain a corten look.

    Conversely, the rusty effect is the way to go if you want a natural rusty look on the surfaces.

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