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Dubai Ranked in Top 20 Smart Cities in the World

According to the IMD Smart City Index 2023, Abu Dhabi and Dubai ranked among the top 20 smart cities in the world. Dubai made to the list by ranking at 17 and Abu Dhabi at 13th position.

HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum started the journey to make Dubai the smartest city in the world in 2013. The main goal was to develop the smart Dubai Government offering unified, modern technology and state of the art services to the residents.

Every year IMD report highlights the city-level changes of what the future would look like to improve the residents living standards. Dubai is consistently ranking among the Top 20 list for many years and continuesly trying to improve the living standards of its residents.

Dubai scores high for sectors such as health and safety, mobility, education and governance. People are experiencing improved public transport and sanitation even for the poorest areas of the city. Because of adopting modern technology medical services and local government services makes Dubai the best in the region.

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Experts Views on Dubai as a Smart City

Dubai Smart City

Sameer Nawani, Chief Representative of Dubai Chambers in India, states that “Dubai in recent years has improved itself to become one of the top smart cities in the world by adopting modern technology and new-age solutions.”

Sameer Nawani also mentioned the five key initiatives that transformed the way Dubai government functions and has impacted deep on the residents and businesses in Dubai.

1. Dubai Paperless Strategy
2. Digitization of Govt Institutes
3. The Invest in Dubai platform
4. Cashless Economy
5. Data Initiatives

The founder and MD of Emitech Group, Rahul Duragkar, said: “Dubai is a shining hub of innovation in the Middle-East and has always led the way in technology and ambition. With its vision 2033, Dubai plans to keep growing by focusing on advanced transporation like the Hyperloop and self-driving cars.”

Rahul Duragkar added: “The focus is on making the city smart with clever tech, echo-friendly, helping startups, celebrating different cultures, offering new tourist experiences and improving healthcare with modern tools.”

Sambhav Gupta, Senior Luxury Investment Consultant at F&C Properties LLC, also contributed by saying: “Dubai real estate landscape continues to evolve, driven by technological innovations, sustainability initiatives and changing market dynamics.”

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Top 20 Smart Cities in the World

Here we are with the list of top 20 smartest cities in the world by IMD.

# City Names 2023 Ranking 2021 Ranking
1 Zurich 1 1
2 Oslo 2 2
3 Canberra 3
4 Copenhagen 4 5
5 Lausanne 5 4
6 London 6 3
7 Singapore 7 7
8 Helsinki 8 9
9 Geneva 9 6
10 Stockholm 10 11
11 Hamburg 11 8
12 Beijing 12 17
13 Abu Dhabi 13 12
14 Prague 14 10
15 Amsterdam 15 13
16 Seoul 16 18
17 Dubai 17 14
18 Sydney 18 29
19 Hong Kong 19 33

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