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Shopping in Dubai

Dubai’s Top 7 Affordable Shopping Stop to Please Your Wallet

Here we are with a mini Guidebook to affordable Shopping in Dubai with Economical Prices. Dubai’s top 7 affordable shopping stop to please your wallet.

Affordable Shopping in Dubai

A city of luxury and a sight to behold, Dubai is famed for its great architecture, vibrant atmosphere, and shopping heaven for both tourists and locals alike. With the various choices of amazing products that can be found, it is a given for one to get their hands on such items.

“But I have a certain budget that I need to follow” Well, fret not as Dubai offers many affordable options for people without hurting their pocket. As such, here are some of the top 5 locations to do affordable shopping in Dubai.

1. Wafi Mall

Wafi Mall Dubai

With a grand theme that embodies the Egyptian essence, visitors will be enthralled with the overall design of the mall. For example, they will be greeted with statues of sphynx at the mall entrance and further inside, decorations that portray the theme are continuously presented. Moreover, aside from the jaw-dropping structure and details, Wafi Mall boasts a complete shopping experience ranging from apparel, souks, restaurants, home appliances, department stores, and hypermarkets.

With over 250 shops to choose from, your shopping experience will never be dull with endless choices that cover both designer and affordable brands. In addition, tourists can easily find traditional Arabian souvenirs such as Turkish rugs, tea sets, and lanterns to bring back as a token of remembrance towards their visit to Dubai. Also, don’t forget to bring your phone for a splendid picture memento at the Wafi Mall.

2. Al-Karama Market

Al Karama Market Dubai

Widely known for its many choices of fashion products that cover from head to toe, this is a fashion haven for fashionistas.

Visitors will be welcomed with myriads of accessories upon arriving at the market, such as wallets, belts, handbags, and scarves.
These eye-catching products are evident throughout the market.

Also, the shop’s sizes and colours every storekeeper offers are boundless, which excites the soul of fashion gurus. As for jewellery enthusiasts, Al – Karama Market offers artificial fashion jewellery that can surely feast on one’s eyes. Not to mention, visitors can implement their deep-rooted bargaining skills to settle for a much lower price for the products than the original offered price.

3. The Outlet Village

The Outlet Village Dubai

With an elegant building modelled after a medieval hill town in Tuscany, Italy, the overall design invites a feeling of serenity and simplicity towards visitors. Aside from the mall itself, the outlet village is well known as a luxury discount shopping mall. In other words, great deals and huge discounted prices on luxury items are not uncommon.

Some items include products from Guess, Montblanc, Charriol, and Coach. Depending on the day, visitors can buy some branded products at a slashed price. The enticing offer made the mall become well-known in Dubai.

In addition, around 100 outlets ranging from fashion, makeup, and restaurants are included in the mall. On a related note, you can read here to know more about the amazing cafés and restaurants found in Dubai.

4. Garderobe

Garderobe Dubai

If you are a fan of branded items but are conscious of your money, worry not as Garderobe is the right place for you. In Dubai, it is known as one of the top choices for buying pre-owned luxury products, such as Celine, Valentino, and Alexander McQueen.

Although it is pre-loved, the quality of the products stays as the shop prides itself in offering the finest of qualities. Moreover, the product choices range from men’s wear to woman’s wear, bags, shoes, and accessories. From head to toe, visitors can feast their eyes on myriads of choices at a discounted price.

The shop itself introduces various deals depending on the time and occasion. For more convenient and hassle-free shopping, Garderobe offers an online store service for those who want to buy their products online. Type the shop’s name on your smartphones, and within seconds, visitors can easily browse through the website.


Not in the mood to walk around but still wanted to do some shopping? Browse through to satiate the shopaholic in you. The website is the largest e-commerce site in the Arab world that offers goods often unavailable elsewhere.

As an online platform, covers a wide range of options for visitors to choose from with various deals offered in different areas such as fashion, electrical appliances, toys, and so much more. In addition to the added deals, many items on the website are eligible for free shipping. Hence, it is a great site for visitors to shop without worrying about the budget.

6. Dubai

Your 6th option may be different from others, maybe you didn’t find something in Dubai to buy but you have friends in the USA and they can shop for you in the USA soon. They will then send you what they bought and ship them with the cheapest rates via Keep going while we are in a middle of an ongoing article on Dubai listing local shops or services which help UAE residents bundle shipping with the products they sell online. You won’t find that many options related to bundle deals like yours if not only one when it comes to comparing both products (shipping & product) and services costs altogether.


Ship7 Dubai

Also, may be an option if you are looking to buy things from abroad or ship something abroad. For example, in this case, you might want to purchase something from websites in the US and have it shipped to Dubai. To accomplish this, you can use the service that makes available – by purchasing items online through US-based websites using a shipping address provided by ship7, and then have those products shipped within the US to Dubai (or elsewhere!) via another shipping company like UPS or FedEx for example.


With these amazing options for shopping destinations, visitors can surely enjoy their trip to Dubai without hurting their budget. Moreover, these places are highly recommended as visitors can experience Dubai’s market atmosphere and simultaneously learn about their culture. As such, visitors can truly enjoy the happiness of travelling to Dubai and getting themselves some memorable gifts as souvenirs.

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