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Ferry Dubai to serve “The World” and “The Palm” projects

DUBAI — Ferry Dubai will serve The World and The Palm as part of theThe Marine Agency’s strategy to serve Nakheel development projects.

“A meeting reviewed the design of The World project and a priority list was set for the project to match with the approved schedules of works undertaken by Nakheel. ? “A new strategy has been developed for improved cooperation with the developers and landlords of The World and The Palm in order to provide the required infrastructure” said Dr. Khalid Al Zahid, acting CEO of Marine ?Agency in the Roads and Transport ?Authority (RTA).

The aAgency gave a briefing on the massive investments made by the RTA for providing marine mass transit services and singled out Ferry Dubai which will serve The World and other ?development projects of Nakheel, said Al Zahid.

A joint team was formed with members from RTA and The World to explore means of providing marine conveyance to The World, and the technical team will hold weekly meetings to ensure delivery of the assigned tasks ?on due time.

“At the end of the day this drive is bound to provide easy access and smooth mobility of inhabitants and visitors across the emirate of Dubai, particularly in waterfronts such as The World,” he pointed out.

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