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Gordon Ramsay moving to Dubai where Swearing is illegal

Gordon Ramsay is the world’s highest-earning chef with a business empire soon to be worth £100 million, Gordon is planning to move to world most expensive properties in Palm Island in Dubai. There’s just one little issue that could give him trouble. The United Arab Emirates has strict rules which outlaw swearing and making rude gestures in public and can result in a six month jail sentence.

“I’m going to move to Dubai full-time in five years. That’s my ambition.” said Kitchen Nightmares and The F Word star Gordon, 41, who will emigrate with wife Tana, their four kids and his mum. “I’m looking at a plot at the end of one of the Palm Island branches. Mum’s in her sixties and she loves it,” he added.

Gordon Ramsay gets £157,000 an episode for US versions of Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares and he is expected to earn up to £15 million this year out of the kitchen from television, books and endorsements.

With the world’s lowest tax rates—ranging from 5 to zero per cent—Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, is a magnet for millionaires and Gordon will be neighbours with the Beckhams, Rod Stewart and F1 star Michael Schumacher.

“Dubai is booming now,” said Gordon. “Everyone’s saying it’s going to be the next California or Monaco, because of its luxuriousness.There’s a real buzz about Dubai. I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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