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How to Create an Instagram Ad that will Generate Leads

What could be better for a Social Media Manager (SMM) specialist than the satisfaction of a job well done, when your targeting on Instagram matches the audience and brings thousands of leads and applications?

Perhaps it is when you create an Instagram ad and the process does not become routine and tedious. To facilitate the creation of such posts, we collected a few useful tips! Check them out below!

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Ad layout requirements for Instagram Stories

First, let’s quickly go over the boring but mandatory requirements that Facebook and Instagram impose on materials that claim to be promoted:

  • MP4 or MOV formats are available for videos, JPG or PNG for images.
  • It is important to pay attention to the maximum file size: for video – 250 MB, for photos – 30 MB
  • A video file can be up to 60 minutes long, for pictures, there is a default display limit of 5 seconds
  • The recommended resolution is 1080 x 1920, and it is desirable to stick to it

Now let’s move to the practical advice on how to create an Instagram ad that will boost your business indicators.

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Create Instagram Ad

What to pay attention to when advertising on Instagram?

The audience that has at least once dealt with ads already knows a few factors of a successful ad. Depending on the product and platform you are promoting your business at it may be the quality of the content, brightness, attractiveness, etc.

But there are a few more points that beginners should not forget about:

Speak to your audience

Always remember that in the short time that the user devotes to your advertising, they must understand what you want from them. Don’t add riddles, and puzzles to your ads. Let the user understand your message from first sight.

The text must be readable

It would seem the simplest thesis, but how often do we encounter the opposite? If you have a maximum of 15 seconds, then choose not showiness, but efficiency.

To create a successful Instagram ad the message and content of the layout should correspond to the action that you expect from the user. Tell them how cool your product is – offer to subscribe/buy/order – make them click and get more detailed information.

Don’t overload your ad

Say “no” to unnecessary or duplicate information. Appreciate every pixel and use it wisely. You’ll have about 10-20 seconds to catch your client. So don’t waste your time and go straight to the topic. Let them save time on senseless pics and video fragments and get the most out of your offer.

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Bottom line

The decision to create an Instagram ad is the right step toward increasing your sales. Indeed, Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest platforms where millions of goods are sold every day. Why lose such a great opportunity?

What’s even better is that you could greatly save on hiring a designer by leveraging online editing tools. In doing so you’ll not only get access to a wide range of ad-generating instruments but make your content stand out from the crowd!

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