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What are the 5 Most-Watched Netflix Shows in Dubai

Netflix has changed the game when it comes to watching TV, do you remember going to rent a DVD from the local movie store, I know I do, yes it was a fun experience but nothing like being able to watch anything you want anytime you want.

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Most-Watched Netflix Shows in Dubai

So what are the top five most-watched Netflix shows and movies of all time?

1. Daredevil

Daredevil Netflix Dubai

This series is about a blind lawyer who goes about his business during the day but at night turns into a crime-fighting New York Daredevil. It has an 8.7-star rating from IMDB.

2. Money Heist

Money Heist Netflix Dubai

We’ve written about Money Heist in our blog but this series really is special, it dives into the lives of an unusual group of robber barons, who attempt to successfully complete the most perfect robbery in Spain, they try to steal 2.5 billion euros from the royal Spanish mint.

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3. Narco

Narcos Netflix Dubai

Who wouldn’t enjoy a series about one of the world’s most mysterious and by all accounts richest criminals, Pablo Escobar?

4. Stranger Things

Stranger Things Netflix Dubai

Another classic; when a young boy disappears from his home town, his mom and the local police chief must confront the scary and very real supernatural forces to try to get him back, this series which was made from 2016 onwards details this thrilling journey to rescue the boy and pitches well against evil.

5. Godless

Godless Netflix Dubai

Oh yes, what a great one, in this classic American west cowboy (and girl) tale, a murderous outlaw, and gang leader named Frank Griffin hunts for his ex-mentee, Roy Goode.

They end up in La Belle, New Mexico, the town is full of women that moved there after a mining disaster. Jack O’Connell, Michelle Dockery, and Coot McNairy star in this pervasive show.

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Final Words

Are there any of these brilliant shows you haven’t watched? If so get to it, you can find out more about the top streaming shows available in the Middle East: HERE

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