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15 Must-Try Dubai Desert Safari Activities

Dubai is a haven for dreamers. Visitors from all over the world are drawn to the expansive malls, thrilling nightlife, and active city culture. The Dubai Desert Safari excursion is one thing that stands out. It is one of the top tourist destinations in Dubai to feel the allure, serenity, and tranquility of the desert. A desert safari in Dubai is a memorable experience because of the varied Dubai desert safari activities, adventures and nonstop fun.

Experiences on a desert safari Dubai can take many forms, but the main distinction is the time of day. They include an early morning safari, a day or evening safari, or a night safari trip. The ideal one for you will depend on your choices; each offers unique features and activities.

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Must-Try Dubai Desert Safari Activities

Things to do on Dubai Desert Safari Trip

On a desert safari in Dubai, you can experience a gamut of experiences, including but not limited to these:

1. Golden Sunrise:

When the sun shines brightest and seems biggest towards the horizon at dawn, it is best to be in the huge Arabian Desert. Admire the golden beauty and bask in its splendor. The early morning desert safari is, without a doubt, the prettiest time of day while in the desert.

2. Gorgeous Sunset:

In Dubai’s desert, sunset is just as lovely as the morning sun. A beautiful sight to behold is the sun’s ocher-colored rays fading as it passes behind one of these dunes. Drive the Range Rover to these dunes and enjoy the view, which appears enormous in the distance. For some candid pictures, that is the perfect moment!

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride:

You may have fun and be calm while on a hot air balloon flight. While a hot balloon flies above the broad stretches of sand, take in the breathtaking panorama of the city. They are the ideal kind of entertainment for families and a significant element of the Dubai desert safari packages. You may see desert fauna, including camels, oryxes, gazelles, more, during this relaxed flight.

4. Dune Bashing:

In the Dubai Desert Safari, dune bashing is a well-liked pastime that involves driving a 4×4 over sand dunes with an expert driver. Visitors will have a roller coaster-like experience while they slide up and down the high dunes on this exhilarating ride. Visitors may enjoy the spectacular and thrilling experience while taking in the amazing sights of the enormous desert environment. For anyone looking to amp up the thrill of their Dubai Desert Safari, dune bashing is unquestionably a must-try sport.

5. Sandboarding:

Visitors may participate in the exhilarating pastime of sandboarding in Dubai, which involves sliding down the steep sand dunes of the Desert Safari in Dubai on a specially-made board. Visitors have the option of renting a board and learning how to sandboard on their own or enrolling in a course with a qualified teacher. It is an exhilarating experience that mixes snowboarding’s thrill with the desert’s distinctive topography. Sandboarding is a terrific workout and entertainment activity that lets you take in the desert’s natural splendor. Sandboarding should be a must-try pastime for riders of all skill levels on a desert safari.

6. Wildlife Spotting:

Some desert safari excursions also allow you to get up close and personal with some of the fascinating native wildlife of Dubai, including Arabian onyx, camels, falcons, and other fascinating creatures.

7. Falcon Experience:

With the assistance of its trained caregivers, enjoy the chance to get up close and personal with the nation’s national bird as it rests on your hand. With the bird, you may shoot pictures to preserve the memory of the occasion.

8. Quad Biking:

It is an opportunity to take the wheel and explore the desert on your own. Quad riding in Dubai will help you find your inner rebel. You may speed through the dunes aboard an advanced quad bike, a favorite of thrill-seekers. This four-wheeled motorbike is the traveling buddy of motorcyclists who do off-road excursions. Hire a quad bike and ride through the dunes in the desert.

9. Camel Ride:

A journey to the desert is not complete without a camel ride. Once upon a time, camels were the sole transportation method in the sand. It makes sense that they were called “ships of the desert.” Since camels are docile animals, anyone of any age may ride one. Due to its jerky motion, you could feel frightened at first, but you will quickly grow used to it.

10. Vintage Land Rover

If you want something more opulent, take a vintage Land Rover on a safari in the desert. These kinds of excursions are sometimes pricey, but they are worthwhile since they provide a variety of additional activities to enhance the desert safari experience.

11. Henna Tattoo:

At the camp, skilled henna artists paint lovely henna tattoos with Arabic patterns. It closely resembles a temporary tattoo that disappears after a few weeks. You might opt to apply this to your feet or palms, making it gorgeous with lovely patterns. When applying henna to your hands, you can also detect a light scent.

12. Camping:

The rush and bustle of city life can be very stressful, so spending time outside is a great change of pace. Camp out in the desert in Dubai with your favorite folks and enjoy the peace and quiet. When there is a private space to celebrate, there will not be any disruptions.

13. BBQ Dinner:

Good eating multiplies happiness. How about some delectable, steaming cuisine as you enjoy yourself with your favorite people? Cook a BBQ and eat it while chatting. A remarkable experience is eating supper in a beautiful setting while admiring the millions of galaxies seen in the bright sky. Should the visit be during the winter, cooking some warm foods can also help you cope with the chilly weather.

14. Entertainment Performances:

The most well-known belly dancing, Tanoura dances, and fire dances are among the fantastic entertainment performances that Dubai desert safari camps are renowned for giving their patrons. All these performances will astound you, and you will undoubtedly love the concert.

15. Stargazing:

The days are wonderful, and the nights are dreamy, in a desert. An astronomy tour led by a private astronomer will demonstrate the mystique of stargazing and serve as a reminder of how humans have utilized the stars for navigation and storytelling throughout history. The finest way to unwind after a day of thrilling desert activities is to do this lovely thing.

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What to Pack for Dubai Desert Safari?

It is crucial to think about packing for your trip to the Dubai Desert Safari. Thus, it is important to have a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, warm clothes for the chilly desert evenings, and comfortable attire overall, especially if you want to engage in Dubai desert safari activities. It is usually a good idea to pack some water and food for the trip.

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Final Analysis

The desert safari offers an amazing experience for everyone with a variety of activities like camel riding, belly dancing, and traditional Arabic food. One has the chance to take in the stunning grandeur of the Arabian Desert and fully experience the vibrant Bedouin culture of the area. The desert safari offers something to offer everyone, whether you are on a single adventure, a family or group vacation, or a romantic break. Therefore, if you are considering visiting Dubai, add these Dubai desert safari activities on your agenda and get ready for an unforgettable experience.

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