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Traditional Emirati Food: 5 Dishes You Need To Try In Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the famous middle-east countries. Before the modern development and economic boom, Dubai has been known for its pearls and petroleum. Now, Dubai is known to the world for tourism, energy, and business. Dubai is also very well known for the vast variety of cuisines available especially the traditional Emirati food is very well known. Also, Dubai is the land of the Sultans. And we all know that Mughal food is delicious. So it doesn’t matter for what reason you are visiting Dubai. You need to eat. The city is full of spices, ingredients, and flavors.

In simple words, the traditional food of UAE is famous for its taste.

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5 Must Traditional Emirati Food To Try In Dubai

Though there are various kinds of foods, these 5 traditional Emirati foods will give you the feeling of eating food in heaven.

1. Stuffed Camel

Stuffed Camel Dubai

Yes, camel is one of Dubai’s most delicious and traditional food. People here consider camel as a luxurious food and eat it to celebrate their moment. You will be amazed after hearing that the Guinness World Book of Records considers this dish the world’s largest food.

This dish is full of proteins and so many delicious foods. People use eggs, fish, chicken, sheep, and spices to fill the stuffed camel. After that, it is cooked over an open flame. Also, stuffed camel is considered one of the best traditional food in Dubai.

But, this dish is only served on special occasions, Bedouin ceremonies, festivals, and other important family and cultural events. So, if you want to taste this dish, you have to plan your trip accordingly.

2. Shawarma

Traditional Shawarma in Dubai

This popular dish has spread all over the world. This delicious dish is made from spiced meat and cooked by slow roasting. In this dish, usually chicken, beef, and lamb are used. You can address Shawarma as a middle-eastern sandwich.

The dish is simple, the chef first takes an Arabic roti. And after that, it will be filled up with full of meat. Sometimes mayonnaise and cheese are also added. It can be served with veggies, tomatoes, pickles, and fries. But, the best combination is when you eat it with garlic sauce.

You can also find Shawarma in Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Delhi, and pretty much every corner of the world. But, you obviously want to eat Shawarma from its birthplace.

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3. Al Harees

Al Harees Dubai

This dish takes a lot of hard work, but the ingredients are simple. This dish is made with wheat and meat. The wheat and meat are cooked until the texture becomes smooth, then salt is added.

After that, the mixture is baked for several hours. In this dish, there are a lot of spices and meat. The texture is thick but smooth. This is one of the best traditional dishes that you can find only in Dubai. So, you should definitely try Al Harees.

4. Ghuzi

Arabic Ghuzi Dubai

This dish is also called ouzi or khuzi. The main ingredient of this dish is lamb or mutton. The whole roasted dish is served with vegetables and dry fruits over rice. Before taking this dish, make sure that you are in a group. The dish serves a whole meal itself.

Many of you don’t know that Ghuzi is the national dish of the United Arab Emirates. So, without this dish, your Dubai trip is incomplete.

5. Esh Hasarya

Esh Hasarya Dubai

This dish is a trip to heaven. It is a dessert, and the texture is like cheesecake that has a cream frosting. This rich and sweet dessert will melt in your mouth. This cake is the most popular dessert in all of Dubai.

But, you can not find this dish all over Dubai. There are some specific restaurants that serve Esh Hasarya. You may know about another dessert name Luqaimat. This dish is also famous, and luqaimat ingredients are flour, yeast, milk powder, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron, oil, syrup, and sesame seeds.

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Other Dishes

There are some other dishes that you can try too. These are as follows.

There is a lamb preparation called Matchbous. it is also called Lomi. it is made from ripe limes, lamb, tomatoes, and rice.

You can try Mehalabiya, a pudding that’s flavors come from pistachios and rosewater.

Arabic Coffee
Arabic coffee is a worldwide famous dish. It is also called Qahwa or Gahwa.

There is a traditional snack called Falafel.

You can try the dish made from mashed chickpeas with garlic, olive oil, tahini, salt, and lemon juice. This is called Hummus.

Al Machboos
There is a famous rice dice, likely to be biryani, with fewer spices. This dish is called Al Machboos.

Shish Taouk
Shish Taouk is a famous Arabian kebab. The origin of this dish is Turkey. But later, UAE has its own type.

There is another dessert you can try named Kunafah.

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To Conclude

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without the traditional foods. The city is full of concrete, glass, and metal and has beautiful dishes inside too.

So, check out the dishes, and plan your trip according to them.

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