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Sinking Titanic Themed Restaurant will be the Next Big Attraction of Dubai

Dubai is not just known for mega structures but also for their uniqueness and brilliant architectural ideas. DAMAC Properties proposed their new unique project of building a restaurant in the shape of “Sinking Titanic”. The restaurant will feature memorabilia from Titanic movie and restaurant will look like Titanic ship as it dips below the water from one side.

dubai sinking titanic restaurant

According to builders it will be the big next attraction of Dubai. DAMAC spokesperson also mentioned that this will be just the one project of their 10 Hollywood-themed restaurants and Bars. All will be build around Paramount Studios in Downtown Dubai.

Rahul Anand, DAMAC Properties consultant, said: “It is a proposal but nothing has been finalized yet. It is up to the people at Paramount how they want to present the brand. We see it as looking like a sinking ship. Such as it could be sloped like the building is sinking.”

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Mr.Anand further said that families will be able to enjoy the movie-themed entertainment and entering the whole area would make you feel like entering into Hollywood.

Mr. Rahul Anand added: “Even the gardens will be shaped with a Hollywood movie them. The apartments will also be designed by Paramount, so it will be the complete movie experience.”

Paramount Studio’s apartment project is expected to be finished in 2015. It will include a screening room where all residents can watch Paramount Movies. Paramount Studios has not invested any money in the project but just allowed its name and rights to be used.

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