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PDFBear Online Tool: How To Split Portable Document Format Pages Easily With The Help Of PDFBear

We came a long way from handling documents from paper-based and now into managing them through online documents. Online documents are considered by many to be one of the most beneficial ways to handle a document. Hence, taking full advantage of its benefits to take an edge in this online world.

When handling online documents, it is recommended to use an online tool to help you configure and solve the problem that you might encounter. An excellent online tool that can help you do those things is PDFBear. This article will be about their platform and the features when using their online tools.

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About PDFBear

PDFbear has been the epitome of online tools in today’s market. They have been providing the demand of online document needs in the market and providing individuals who are using online documents with various online tools for their different types of online document needs. Hence, checking their platform is essential if you are handling online documents.

An example of an online tool from their website are PDF converter online, Merge PDF online, Split PDF online, Delete PDF Pages online, Compress PDF, Repair PDF, edit PDF, PDF Reader online, Share Document online, Number Pages, Add Watermark online, Rotate PDF online, eSign PDF online, Protect PDF online, Unlock PDF online, and more.

All of those online tools can be used online by accessing their website. Having all of those different online tools located in a single platform is one of the best things about their service. This makes PDFBear one of the most convenient online tools for having vastly different online tools located in a single platform, allowing users to visit a single website for different online document needs.

If you are new to configuring your online documents, you don’t need to worry because PDFBear will walk you throughout your journey using their online tools. For this event, we will use the online tool Split PDF as an example to give you a glance at how their online tools work. Here is a detailed explanation of how you can split PDF files using the online tools of PDFBear.

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How to Split Your PDF Files With PDFBear

First of all, why do we need to Split PDF files in the first place? One standard answer to that question is when you need to extract a specific content out of the original PDF file. This is usually done when you read a particular book, research, or other vital documents and only need a specific part from that DocumentDocument.

Another good benefit of splitting your PDF files is making spacious storage. A reason for that is you will be given an option to delete the unwanted PDF file or the part of the PDF file that you don’t need. Hence, making more space for your device storage. However, it is still recommended to keep the original PDF file for safekeeping.

How to Split your PDF files using the online tools of PDFBear? Follow these steps to split your PDF files conveniently.

  • Transfer the data of the PDF file that you want to divide in two.
  • Select the pages that you want to be separated from the original PDF file.
  • After you have chosen the pages and are satisfied with them. Click on refine, and your PDF file will start processing.
  • Once those three steps are completed, you will be given a download button to transfer your newly converted PDF file into your storage.

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Converting Through Cloud

When you are converting your PDF files with PDFBear, you don’t have to worry about the storage of your device because every transaction when using their online tools will be handled in an online system, which means each time you use PDFBear as your online tool, your storage space will remain untouched.

Available In All Browsers

When handling online documents and using online tools to configure them, one of the most common problems you might encounter is having an accessible website while using your preferred browser. When using PDFBear as your online tool, you do not have to worry about those anymore because PDFBear can be accessed on every platform on the internet.

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Handling documents came a long way from paper-based and now through online documents. The best way to utilize an online document is by using an online tool like PDFBear, which allows you to configure the way you need your online DocumentDocument fully. Hence, keeping PDFBear ready for future needs.

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