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Keep Your Audience’s Attention: Top 3 Event Staging Mistakes to Avoid in Dubai

Staging Mistakes? Check!
Compelling message? Check!
Rockin’ band? Check!
Delicious food and drinks? Check!

These are just some of the items on your event checklist that are sure to make a great impression on your guests.

However, there’s more to hold an event than these elements. From getting a professional event staging company in Dubai to securing the services of expert event management specialists, you need to be on your toes and make the right decisions to avoid staging mistakes that could potentially turn your audience off and cause their attention to wander.

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Level Up Your Game

Importance of Proper Staging

One crucial element of a successful event is staging. People often overlook the importance of proper staging simply because they do not know how this elevates the whole production. A stage that is properly set up, with all the intricacies that go into it, significantly raises the X-factor of your event. It can transform event halls in Dubai into a wonderland that suits your branding and business goals.

Some may even say that event staging is unnecessary. There’s a stage, put up some lights here and there, stick a microphone in the speaker’s hands or bring out a couple of musical acts, and you’ll get your guests clapping. On the contrary, effective event staging not only literally sets the stage for success, but also helps create the mood and ambience that you want.

So many factors come into play – staging design, hanging lighting trusses, rigging, audio-visual effects, setting up fantastic backdrops – the list goes on. All the complex work that entails creativity, strategic planning, effective management, and exquisite execution results in a cohesive masterpiece that will hook – and keep – your audience’s attention.

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Staging Mistakes to Avoid

How to Keep Guest Attention

Here are the top three staging mistakes that you should avoid so you can keep your guest’s attention glued to you:

1. Bad Audio Quality

You don’t want your audience to miss out on your event’s all-important message. That is why, when you are putting up an event, make sure to secure the services of proficient sound engineers and technicians. These specialists will ensure that your message will be like music to your audience’s ears.

The audio quality of your event will speak volumes about your brand. Poor sound quality will let your audience assume that you don’t put importance on the details. To avoid this, make sure to hire a production company that has the best sound team to manage the audio requirements of your event.

From ensuring that your presenters are heard to making sure that the performers’ decibel levels don’t harm your guests’ eardrums, excellent sound quality is a must to keep your audience tuned in to you.

2. Poor Lighting Design

If you want your event to be seen in a good light, then hire expert light specialists that will turn your otherwise gloomy stage into a bright spot of happiness for those who view it.

Too little lighting can make it too dark for your guests to see, and too much can blind them and turn them away. Make sure that your event lighting is properly mixed and positioned in strategic areas to effectively drive home your message. A pleasing play of lights can add depth and texture to your presentations that will make your guests enjoy them more.

3. Shortage of Branding Opportunities

Events are used as key marketing activities that can help drive brand awareness and satisfy business goals. It is crucial, then, that your events management company is able to provide enough opportunities to showcase your brand in the most flattering way.

Too much branding can be distasteful and overwhelming and may turn off your audience, yet too little branding will also work against your objectives. Knowledgeable event management companies will know how to attain just the right balance that will positively project your brand through creative staging techniques.

For example, your brand logo can be used in different artistic interpretations such as a 3D installation onstage or beamed up onto the backdrop or walls. The use of high-tech audiovisual and special effects can also highlight your brand and keep it in your audience’s minds. This can lend more character to your event background and bring bland backdrops to life.

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Set the Stage for Success

Stage for Success

It is pertinent that you seek an ally who can ably execute your vision to the best possible outcome. Entrust your special shindig to an event production and management team whose experience and expertise can transform your affair into something that your audience will rave about for years. It would help if it’s already a one-stop-shop where you can choose expert services that include conceptualization and planning, audiovisual production, event management, production, and seamless event execution.

Event staging is a vital part of any event. It doesn’t matter if it’s a private party or a huge corporate bash; the goal is to keep your audience’s attention fixed on your message or offer. By avoiding the mistakes described above, you can rest easy knowing that you are helping your event become a resounding success.

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Born in 1979, Mahmoud Majed is the Managing Director at Level Production. He is a B.A holder in Business Management with 15+ years of relative experience. Prior to his role at Level, Mahmoud held a marketing directorship position for a leading holding group in the UAE, handling accounts in industries such as international retail and dining and pioneering the concession business department. Mahmoud also took on leadership roles in the high-end luxury sector. Mahmoud first moved to Dubai in 2001 and has called the country his second home ever since. He is a firm believer in the power of positivity and works hard on implementing happiness in the workspace.

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