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Things You Should Know About Modern PR in Dubai

The public relations industry has evolved over the years in its existence. As we are entering the digital age, the PR industry is as well renewing itself to adapt into the new world. Below are the a few aspects of the new modern PR:

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Modern Public Relations

Nowadays, it’s not just a press release distribution in the traditional media is going to get you any coverage but a mix combination of digital, print, social media and SEO has become a necessity for any brand to excel in its public relations strategy. Modern day public relations are based on data driven to understand how brands’ target audience conduct their online searches. From that data, brands create strategies that are relevant in content and keyword searches to reach its audience.

A brands direct messaging has a minimum impact in the over-exposed world with consumers less likely to respond to anything not relevant to them. A brand should create content relevant to its target audience by satisfying their need of correct information and understanding how it products or services can solve the consumer problems. In the modern digital world, a digital transformation has become a big part of any PR strategy.

Targeting the right audience

Back in the day, due to lack of technology and exposure, brand messaging was challenging to reach to its target audience through traditional media. In the modern day, with strong research of consumer needs and wants, along with market movement, a brand can create tailor made campaigns to ensure maximum reach to its audience.

Limited choice in traditional media held back many brands with limited budget to go out with general content to all but with the modern tech, all small or medium brands can first analyze to understand its audience needs and then create a PR strategy.

Tailoring personalized messages

The goal of any PR strategy is to deliver the brands desired messaging to its right audience. To make sure your messaging catches consumers attention, a PR can further segment its research on demographic, traits, behaviors, geographic location, social status etc. The PR can then create tailor made messages as per each characteristic and further strengthen its messaging adding an emotional connection of the brand and its target audience. Brands can also personalize messages for each of the characteristics for a personalized experience through digital ads, online banners or an interactive video.

Appealing to the public

Post pandemic a trend brands have taken up is to look out for ongoing social trends on social issues. Brands can voice out their opinion on already popular campaign to successfully place itself in a viral trend and ride on its popularity. The brands opinion similar to its target audience will help its messaging go viral and increase its rate of engagement in its target audience.
However, brands should understand that to have a presence in the market takes time. Public Relations is a long-term investment each brand needs to have as perception don’t change overnight, it takes time and consistently communicated to the media.

Keeping social media knowledge up-to-date

We are in a world where almost 1 in 2 people are on a social media platform. According to a research, active social media users account for 49% of the world’s population. This shows the importance and potential for social media to boost PR of brands and content marketing campaigns.

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Content sources: https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertwynne/2016/01/21/five-things-everyone-should-know-about-public-relations , Mr. Ihsan has also contributed in this story, Ihsan is working with Hype PR Agency Dubai as a PR expert.

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