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Top 20 Best Ranking Schools in Dubai for 2014

When you move to new place it is always difficult to find a best school for your children. You have to consider many things before admission. Especially if you are moved to Dubai, You may not know that Expats are not allowed at public schools in Dubai. So you have to choose wisely which private school you need to admit your kids. Getting into universities in Dubai is rather easy compare to get admission in to schools in Dubai.

Top 20 Best Schools in Dubai

Because of the multicultural society there are schools with almost all curriculum like UK, US, Indian, International Baccalaureate, French, Japanese, Pakistani, German etc. So first of all you have to decide which curriculum is best for your kid. Then to consider school ranking and environment etc.

Every year the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB) and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) inspect and publish schools ranking according to safety, teaching standards, learning support, class sizes, curriculum, cleanliness, food, exam results and so on. Once schools have been inspected they will be classed in to one of four categories: Outstanding, Good, Acceptable, Unacceptable. Currently DSIB and KHDA annually inspects 141 private schools in Dubai.

According to the latest school ranking published in April 2014, there are 12 schools in category “Outstanding”. Number of students attending Outstanding schools in Dubai have increased 6% from last year ranking. Last year there were only 11 schools ranked “Outstanding” so authorities are working hard to increase the standard of schools and education level at primary and secondary schools in Dubai.

Here is a list of Top 20 Best Ranking Schools in Dubai 2014.

Top Highest Ranking Schools in Dubai for 2014

# School Name Curriculum 2013 Ranking 2014 Ranking
1 Kings School Dubai UK Outstanding Outstanding
2 GEMS Wellington International School UK/IB Outstanding Outstanding
3 Jumeirah College UK Outstanding Outstanding
4 Jumeirah English Speaking School UK Outstanding Outstanding
5 Dubai College UK Outstanding Outstanding
6 GEMS Jumeirah Primary School UK Outstanding Outstanding
7 Jumeirah English Speaking School (Br) UK/IB Outstanding Outstanding
8 GEMS Dubai American Academy US Outstanding Outstanding
9 GEMS Modern Academy Indian Outstanding Outstanding
10 The Indian High School Indian Outstanding Outstanding
11 Dubai English Speaking College UK Outstanding Outstanding
12 Horizons English School UK Outstanding Outstanding
13 Jebel Ali Primary school UK Good Good
14 Al Mizhar American Academy School US Good Good
15 American School of Dubai US Good Good
16 Dubai English Speaking School UK Good Good
17 Dubai National School US Good Good
18 GEMS Wellington Primary School UK Good Good
19 Japanese School Japanese Good Good
20 Lycee Francais International French Good Good

How to Choose Best School in Dubai for Your Kids

There are five factors which can help you choose perfect school for your kids.

Curriculum This is a balance of supply and demand for that curriculum.
KHDA Ranking A school is not necessarily popular because it is ranked Outstanding, It is popular because it is outstanding.
Age Group At the brunt of demand are early years education. Schools have time to gear up to the growth at the front end of the education cycle.
Age of School This affects the perception, and knowledge of a school. A well established school will simply have more channels funneling students towards it, with word of mouth probably being the most important.
Price of School This is too simplistic to say the cheaper the school the more popular it will be. Price plays a role, but will be a secondary not defining element of a Which School equation.

Things to Keep in Mind

IB and UK curriculum schools scoring significantly higher than their peers and already closing in on the benchmarks set in the UAE for 2021. Higher performance in these tests is reflected in the ratings of schools in the UAE by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB). Two thirds of Outstanding schools in the emirate are either UK or IB schools.

Note however, that this is not necessarily to do with the curriculum. UK and IB schools tend to be the most expensive, charge the highest fees, and therefore are the most well funded schools in Dubai.

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