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Why does a Legal Consultant Needs a Translation Service in Dubai

Dubai is such a globalized city that is full of different cultures and thus, languages which results that many of Dubai foreign residents face legal challenges because of language barriers.

Whether you are a legal consultant or a law firm in Dubai, you have to be precise, efficient and error-free, which is very challenging in such a cross-cultural city.

You communicate with clients via written proposals, court filings, and many more legal documents, and in a cross-cultural market, language barriers cause cultural misunderstanding and communication issues, and translation office in Dubai can solve all cross-cultural legal documentation problems for you!

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Why is Translation in Dubai Important?

Importance of Translation Office in Dubai

As a legal consultant you are fully aware of how law affects all life aspects, and you surely got exposed to clients who were negatively affected or scammed because of misunderstanding of legal documents, but here are the most important reasons

1.Each country has a specific legal formatting
Each country has specific rules and policies regarding its documentation and legal papers, translation formatting must adhere to the original legal document, translation office Dubai adheres to legal formatting of UAE.

2.Law language is different
Law language is different from our day by day language, legal documents contain specific terms that are not clear for average individual

So, your translated document must be adapted and relevant with the legal context misinterpreted document may cause legal problems and may cause loss of rights.

3.There’s no margin for legal translation error
You might find yourself or your foreign client facing penalties and or legal issues due to a misinterpreted document Legal consultants must have a certified translation Dubai office to prevent legal issues.

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What are the main requirements of legal translation office?

Legal Translation Service in Dubai

1.Translation office must be certified
Translation office must be duly certified by UAE Ministry of Justice and its translation is recognized by all state courts, ministries, departments, embassies and other public and private entities.

2. Translation office translates all types of legal documents

  • If your client is an immigrant, or potential immigrant we will ensure that all the legal immigration documents are being translated efficiently in a timely manner.
  • If your client is a business owner, our experts are here to translate all your legal documents to your multilingual market
  • If your client is willing to sign a contract in a different language, our experts are here to make the contract fully clear and understandable
  • If you need a financial document translation our experts are here for it

In addition to many other miscellaneous documents as wills, certificates, warrants, witness statements, Confidentiality agreements and others.

3. Translation office must be customer -oriented
The translation office should help the legal consultant and facilitate its transaction to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and always consider customer’s feedback and continuous improvement in the delivery process.

4. Highest accuracy and affordable price
The translator must provide error-free translation of legal documents adhering with formatting and law language of Dubai with flexible pricing plans that fit all cases.

5. Confidentiality
As the most important point for any legal consultant is confidentiality, so the consultant should choose a translation office with a good reputation and sign non-disclosure agreement therewith in order to earn his customer trust.

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Finally, each legal consultant or law firm shall exert great effort to choose the proper translator of its legal documents before starting any case as the translator is one of the points of strength of any law firm. No more worries about dealing with foreign clients, our Translation Office Dubai is here to take the burden off you, and to help you gain more customers.

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