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Carriyo E-Commerce Delivery: Innovative Shipping Automation and Carrier Management Platform

“Submit Order,” and so it begins, doesn’t it? Most customers have no idea about the chain of events they’ve set in motion when they hit that button; or all the moving parts behind the scenes to get that package to their doorstep on time and in perfect condition.

Warehouse pick-up, packaging, labeling, scheduling, carrier selection, bookings and tracking, the list goes on. This process can either be a business owner’s recurring nightmare or their dream come true. Companies like Carriyo are here to make sure it’s the latter.

A shipping automation and carrier management platform, Carriyo was designed to simplify and streamline the order fulfillment process for retailers.

With Carriyo, small businesses and enterprises alike can automate their deliveries from beginning to end —allowing them to fast-track shipping, build richer customer experiences and increase their overall operational efficiency.

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About Carriyo

About Carriyo

The Dubai-based company was founded in 2020 with the vision of being an end-to-end solution for managing shipping operations and optimizing the post-purchase customer experience. Carriyo’s team consists of technology and retail experts spread across different countries and regions, all passionate about reimagining the way the last-mile delivery process unfolds.

The company offers 100+ out-of-the-box delivery services, has 70+ brands in its portfolio and supports shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.

To this day, Carriyo continues to enable e-commerce businesses, delivering around 5 million orders per year across the globe.

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Shipping Automation and Carrier Management Platform

Shipping Automation and Courier Management Platform

Carriyo’s platform tackles many challenging aspects of the order fulfillment process. Here are three of its most noteworthy features:

1. Shipping Automation

Carriyo’s shipping automation system allows you to reduce manual shipping operations by up to 90%, eliminate human processing errors and improve customer experiences. Its features include:

Automatic Shipment Assignment
Automatically assign packages to a suitable carrier based on shipment address details, current carrier capacity, shipment weight, value or any other attribute. You can also use smart assignment rules, which are a set of predefined conditions and criteria, to always select the most affordable carrier option available without having to check manually.

Print Labels and Documents
Using this feature, you can collect, save and print all the shipping paperwork from your carriers. Additionally, for bullet delivery services that don’t provide labels, you can create your own custom labels and generate any shipment-related documentation needed for your business, such as invoices and receipts.

Real-Time Shipment Tracking
With Carriyo, you can rest easy knowing that every single one of your shipments is monitored almost instantly and organized into a straightforward, consistent list of status updates. What’s more, you can leverage Carriyo Webhooks to automatically keep all your other systems current on these status changes.

Automatic Returns Management
Returns are a fact of e-commerce life, but they do not always have to be a nuisance. Carriyo grants your customers the ability to initiate return requests through a fully branded portal and streamlines the retrieval and review process. You can even set a default carrier for the return shipments if you’ve found their returns vetting process particularly effective.

2. Carrier Management

Most e-commerce businesses’ shipping is not confined to a single carrier. While this means more options for your shoppers (and your business), it also presents a challenge when managing all those carriers across different regions.

Here, Carriyo’s carrier management software helps in the following ways:

Multiple Carrier Integration
This platform has built-in connectors for shipping integration with carriers from 30+ countries. And even if you do not yet have a delivery partner, Carriyo can introduce you to multiple local and international services with same-day, next-day, express or cross-border delivery options to help you expand your customer base and scale your business quickly.

It takes on the responsibility of handling bookings, scheduling, cancellations, and re-assignments, all of which go into effect immediately, eliminating any waiting time. As a multi-carrier parcel management solution, it also translates carrier updates into an easily understandable list of shipping statuses and geographical delivery areas to stave off address confusion and validation errors.

Capacity and Coverage Visibility
Carriyo gives you complete visibility over your delivery partner’s capacity and coverage so you can accurately define the parameters of your operations and avoid overbooking or delivery delays.

3. Customer Engagement

Maintaining active communication with customers throughout the order delivery lifecycle is something that sets one brand apart from another. It transforms the shopping experience from a mere goods purchase to a personalized, memorable interaction. Here’s how Carriyo helps businesses in this area:

Order and Delivery Notifications
Through this platform, you can deploy triggered notifications based on shipment status in multiple languages. You can also customize when and how to notify your customers about the order status with automated SMS, email or WhatsApp messages.

After using this feature, many Carriyo partners report a 30% decrease in the inquiries received by their customer support teams.

Customer Feedback and Support
Carriyo also allows you to measure customer satisfaction with a post-delivery rating and reviews feature. You can find out what customers think of their delivery experience and get actionable insights from their feedback to address any issues and identify any problematic patterns.

Branded Order Tracking
Order tracking is a staple of the modern-day, post-purchase customer experience, but Carriyo takes it a step further. With your very own custom-branded tracking page, customers can check their orders’ statuses without ever leaving your domain. This reinforces the customer’s connection and loyalty to your brand while boosting your website’s online traffic.

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Driving E-commerce Success With Carriyo

E-Commerce Success with Carriyo

As your business scales and your order volume increases, any small inefficiencies in your shipping process can create friction that could slow you down. A reliable post-purchase delivery experience is among the top reasons why online shoppers choose a specific brand over another.

For this reason, partnering with Carriyo can be just the push your online store needs to be the next e-commerce success story. The platform’s comprehensive tools and features speak for themselves, and its ever-growing list of customers is proof of its effectiveness in helping businesses enhance their delivery process, build stronger customer relationships and, ultimately, drive sales.

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