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Top 3 Biggest Dangers of DIY Solar Installation

Installing solar panels can lower your electric bill, increase the value of your home, help the environment, and more. The question isn’t whether you should get solar panels–it’s how you should install them and what are the dangers of DIY Solar Installation.

Many homeowners are tempted to try the DIY solar installation. By handling installation yourself, you can avoid paying labor costs, saving you a significant amount of money, right?

While that’s a reasonable assumption, it might not be the case. A botched installation can lead to higher overall costs, and that’s not the only potential hazard of trying to install panels yourself.

Read on to learn three of the biggest dangers of DIY solar installation.

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1. Expenses and Risks

The solar installation process isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never done it before. It involves expensive, delicate equipment, much of which has to be carried around on dangerous terrain (namely, your roof).

The biggest danger comes from the amount of time you have to spend on your roof. If you were to slip and fall while maneuvering a solar panel into place, you could sustain serious injuries.

Solar panel installation also involves electrical work. If you make a mistake when wiring your solar system to your house, you could hurt yourself or damage your equipment.

After replacing damaged solar panels and paying medical bills, the cost of DIY solar panel installation might be significantly higher than paying professionals to install them for you!

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2. Paperwork

Proper solar installation requires understanding local and state building standards and regulations. A licensed solar installer will already know those laws; if you’re installing panels yourself, you’ll have to learn them.

Memorizing building ordinances is only half the battle. You also need to do proper planning and obtain the correct permits for your solar installation. You might need approval from an electrical inspector before you can start, too.

You’ll also need approval from your city planning department. That approval will be a lot easier to get if you have experienced solar installers on your side.

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3. Optimal Placement

One of the most important things to consider when going solar is the position of your solar panels. There are many factors to account for when planning your solar panel setup.

You need to place your panels in a spot that gets a lot of sun exposure. Beyond that, you need to have each panel at the proper angle to catch the sun’s rays.

Trees, neighboring buildings, and your home’s orientation can affect your solar panel placement. It’s a complex job for a layperson to attempt on their own.

A huge benefit of hiring solar installers is that they can handle the planning process for you. They’ll have the experience necessary to install your panels in the best possible positions.

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The Risks of DIY Solar Installation

DIY solar installation can be a tempting prospect, but it’s not worth it. Not only will it cost you extra time and effort, but you’ll also likely get subpar results. It’s not even guaranteed to save you money!

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