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Every Relationship Is Special Just As Every Person is

“Love cures people—both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”
—Karl Menninger

And, the different relations that a person is blessed with is a source of constant love and happiness. Every relationship is special and different from one another. Some are blood relations while some others are an effect of our socialisation. Be it of any kind, it tends to make an individual healthy and blesses with the feeling of empathy, cooperation, mutual trust and honesty and all-in-all encourages one to keep alive the humanising factor.

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Festivals and other special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. give us many reasons to celebrate those relations, every now and then.

4 Kind of Relations Which are Special to Everyone

Following are a few of those many special relations and how they are pampered across various festivals like rakhi, friendship day, etc. by pampering over silver rakhi and friendship bands, respectively.

1. Parent-Child Bonding

This is one such special relation as it is the most basic or the foundation of every other relationship. People say the better this relationship, the better is the upbringing. It’s a unique bond which leads to a child’s positive development during his/her growing stage, by effecting social, physical, mental and emotional health.

One celebrates Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to appreciate the presence of their parents in their lives over some thoughtful gifts or making some little gestures to show them that they are valued.

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2. Siblings Love

Every child’s first social group (which is by blood) is their annoying yet caring set of siblings. From learning social skills from each other to tackling conflicts to even putting their first foot of friendship together, the bond that siblings are is one of the most underrated ones. People all across the world celebrate various festivals like siblings’ day to Bhai dooj to even Raksha Bandhan to commemorate this special bond. Sisters buy rakhi online or offline to send beautifully crafted traditional rakhis to their brothers even when their brothers are miles apart from them on this special day.

3. Potential Significant Other

While some cultures might be sceptical of having a loving partner by their side, some culture emphasizes courtship for a trial of having a “happily ever after”. Having desires or needs or feeling attracted towards someone is quite usual as humans are considered to be sexual beings.

And having a spouse or a partner can have the following effects:

  • He/She Helps one to develop a friendship
  • They helps one to face various circumstances with courage.
  • Also, They helps one to communicate properly.
  • Helps in personality development and in the socialization process.
  • Provides a better insight about intimacy through interaction and companionship.

Occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s day tend to bloom the love that exists between a couple. They celebrate these occasions over a menu crafted with love, a delectable cake, blissful flowers and thoughtful gifts.

4. Peer Group

For proper growth and development, bonding with friends is a must. It is the best gift that one receives in life and that makes one’s life blissful and worthwhile. No one can remain lonely and enjoy the beauty of life without making some friends. Friendship is like a happy pill which everyone needs. It is one of the most unprized possessions which are with us in all the circumstances of life. Hence it is essential for the successful wellbeing of every person to have good friends around them.

People appreciate the existence of their friends every year by celebrating International Friendship day. Friendship Day is made to celebrate it as Friendship day over colourful friendship bands, cakes and other quirky, uber-cool gifts.

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Final Words

So, these were the 4 most precious relations that a person is forever grateful for in his/her whole life. To build a basis for mental and emotional wellbeing to love, support, encourage and help each other practically as well as emotionally.

Every relation is special and hence should be valued.

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