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10 Flowering Plants – The Best Friendship Day Gifts

A life full of friends is so beautiful. Isn’t it? Well, friends are one of the most important parts of everyone’s life, without them life is colorless. They are the person who always is there for you, to help you, to love you, to support you, to stand by you, and so on. Although, you are always thankful for them to be with you all the time, Friendship day is a special day to say thank you to your friends with a sweet token of love and friendship. So, if you also want to express your love for your friends on the special occasion of Friendship day then go through some plants listed below and give a beautiful gift to them to make this day extra special for both of you.

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Peace Lily Plant

Give a token of love to your friend on Friendship day in the form of a Peace lily plant. It is a plant which will be one of the best friendship day gifts to show the purity and innocence of your true friendship. It will be definitely accepted by them wholeheartedly.

Rose Plant

When it comes to giving a token of friendship to your best friend then nothing can be as good as a Rose plant. A yellow or red rose plant will be one of the best friendship gifts for best friends whom you admire the most in your life.

Canna Lily

Canna lilies are one of the best flowering plants for celebrating a special day of your friendship. It is a plant which can be given to your lovely friends on Friendship day so that they can keep the beautiful token of your friendship with them for a lifetime.

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Anthurium Plant

Make your dear friends feel extra special by offering an amazing flowering plant i.e. Anthurium plant in a beautifully decorated pot. The bright red tube-shaped flower of Anthurium plant is quite enough to win their hearts and also make them feel special.

Succulent Plant

Wanna give something unique and special to your friends on Friendship day? If so, then why not to surprise them with a beautiful Succulent plant? Well, gifting a Succulent plant is one of the best ways to make your close friends realize how special they are for you.

Adenium Plant

The Adenium plant with oval-shaped foliage, thick stems and fleshy branches is one of the best gifts to celebrate your friendship with your dearest friends. So, send this beautiful plant to your friend on Friendship day and make them feel surprised.

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Rhoeo Plant

Rhoeo plant is a plant with attractive white flowers which can make anyone fall in love with it at a first glance. So, choose something special for your special friends for friendship day and tell them how much you love them.

Hibiscus Plant

Celebrate this friendship day with an extraordinary gift. Give a Hibiscus plant to your friends and wish them good health and happy life. A Hibiscus plant potted in a ceramic pot will be the best friendship day gift that will definitely be appreciated by them.

Gerbera Plant

Express your love, affection, and adoration to your close friends with an attractive Gerbera plant on the special occasion of friendship day. Its beautiful appearance and a plethora of health benefits will make your close ones feel happy.

Ixora Plant

Ixora is an evergreen flowering plant which can be gifted to anyone on any special occasion. So, if you are looking for an evergreen indoor flowering plant in India for friendship day to make your friend feel truly loved then go for the Ixora plant and tell them how much you love them.

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So, celebrate this friendship day by giving a unique and healthy gift to your friends and make this day a memorable one.

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