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6 Guaranteed Ways to Find a Job in Dubai in 2021

Being a fast-growing economy, investors in Dubai start new businesses more often and the established businesses grow even more. The startup businesses need workers and the growing companies keep offering new jobs in Dubai continuously.

Despite the many new job openings in Dubai, it is not easy to find a job in Dubai due to high competition and labour laws. If you follow the right channels and correctly identify your industry, you can get a job in Dubai sooner than you expected. Try out these ways to avail yourself of the opportunity of finding job vacancies in Dubai.

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Best Ways to Find a Job in Dubai

Here we are with the best ways to avail the latest job opportunities and speed up the process of getting a job in Dubai

1. Visit Dubai

Visiting Dubai

Visiting a city to search for a job is a traditional way but it still works even today. If you have some savings that you can use to book a flight to Dubai and stay with a friend or a relative for some time, you can use the chance to go knocking in offices until you get a job.

As you visit offices, it is also your chance to tour Dubai attractions and see for yourself the latest developments in Dubai, like the newest Sharjah to Dubai road that connects the two places in less than 10 minutes’ drive. If you don’t have a friend or relative who can host you in Dubai, book a low-cost hotel or guest house and do your job search from there.

2. Use LinkedIn

Job Search via LinkedIn

Many professionals use LinkedIn to network with other professionals and businesses. The platform posts professional job openings daily and you can search for these job vacancies according to region and industry. To improve your chances of getting a job through LinkedIn, make sure your profile is up to date and includes all your professional qualifications and work experience.

It’s not enough just to open a LinkedIn account and update your qualifications. You need to be active and keep connecting with people in your field. Be careful with the posts you make in your LinkedIn account lest you look unprofessional and you lose a chance to get hired. Please note that having a LinkedIn account is a must thing nowadays.

3. Use Career Portals in Company Websites

Most large local and international firms in Dubai have active career portals where they post all their job openings. Some career portals require you to register an account before you apply for a job vacancy in Dubai, while others do not require registration.

Identify the companies that have career portals and visit the sites routinely to look for any openings that fit you. Their job application procedures can be tedious but you have an advantage because you are applying directly to the company instead of going through agents or other job platforms. Also, don’t forget to follow them on their social media accounts. Some companies publish “We are hiring” posts on regular basis.

4. Use job Websites

Job Websites in Dubai

Many job websites are specifically involved in connecting employers with qualified manpower. They post the jobs and once you get hired, they get paid by the employer. Your new employer might deduct the fee from your first salary, although many employers do not. Some other job websites require you to pay them a one-time registration fee, while others require monthly subscriptions.

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5. Brand Yourself

Self Branding

It is easy to get a job in Dubai if you brand yourself the right way. You might not have a website, but your social media account is a good place to market yourself as a brand, which is you. If you are a qualified nurse, take a professional photo and post it on your social media account. Keep the account active by posting short text or visual posts that talk about health issues.

In your background photo, write that you are looking for a job. You may get a professional to write your resume and make it stand out among the rest. A company may find your resume in another place like job websites and want to investigate further about you on your social media page.

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6. Get a Work Visa and Connect with Friends

Connecting Friends in Dubai

If your country is among the nations whose citizens are required to have a work visa to work in Dubai, make an effort and apply for a work visa. Some companies will ask if you are legally allowed to work in Dubai in their job application form. If you have friends or people you know who work in Dubai, connect with them and ask them to help you get a job. They might refer you to some good companies, and you land yourself a job.

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There are many more ways you can apply to find a job in Dubai, but there are several things to remember. Identify your field instead of hunting for any job that might come your way. Get the right academic qualifications and prepare a killer resume that any potential employer will love. Learn and understand Dubai employment and residence laws and start preparing to comply.

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