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How ShortList Dubai is Your Ultimate Guide to UAE

UAE is among the top travel & tourist destinations around the world. People from across the globe frequently visit this country of the ‘superlatives’ for both leisure and business.

From the world’s tallest building to the world’s highest eatery, and from the world’s biggest fountain to the world’s deepest swimming pool, Dubai, and other emirates of the UAE, have more to offer than one can cover in a single trip.

But that’s not all! Every time you come to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other emirates of the country, you find the landscape to be different than your last visit. The reason? Well, being a booming hub of tourism and commercial activity, its food, and entertainment sector keeps on expanding.

The country has recouped well from the destruction that Covid-19 brought with it. Today, the progress and commercial hubbub are back on track as businesses report a positive comeback while new ones mushroom across the emirates.

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Why ShortList Dubai?

No matter if you’re in Dubai (or someplace else in the UAE) for fun or work, you need a guide to help you make the best of your time in the happening country. While there exist countless travel and city guides in Dubai – in all forms including print, digital, and human – hardly anyone provides you with the freshest news from around you, in your desired domain, as ShortList Dubai does.

Launched in 2015, ShortList Dubai has fast become the UAE’s favorite portal to get the latest updates related to entertainment, lifestyle, and beyond. With active on-ground teams, ShortList Dubai helps you keep tabs on the latest happenings in the food, fun, shopping, and more around you. So, you hardly miss a thing.

From the newest events & happening, to the latest local attractions launching, you get to know anything and everything as it happens. Plus, any news related to Dubai or UAE travel and tourism you may be looking for can be found on ShortList Dubai so you don’t have to look further around.

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Lifesyle, Entertainment, and Beyond

ShortList Dubai launched in 2015 with an aim to be the authority on the best in cuisine, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, and sports in the UAE. It also aimed to provide weekly recommendations on what to do, see, buy, eat, and drink across the country.

Looking back at the magazine’s journey, we now see that ShortList Dubai has already accomplished the primary goal. Now, it’s moved beyond just entertainment & lifestyle, serving all news needs of the people of Dubai and the UAE.
Today, ShortList Dubai also brings you the latest news from the technology, business, and social domains so you know what’s happening around you besides just fun and leisure. The ShortList Dubai business reviews, on the other hand, help you make informed decisions related to spending your time and money wisely.

ShortList Dubai stays committed to serving the infotainment needs of the entire UAE, and becoming the sole authority on reliable updates from across a variety of domains. So, for the latest happenings around you and around the world, keep checking ShortList Dubai!

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