Monday, June 24, 2024


Jump N Fun: New Trampoline Park now Open at The Dubai Mall

VR Park at The Dubai Mall is very popular not just among the kids but also among adults as well. Now the authorities have opened a brand-new trampoline park called “Jump N Fun” at VR Park to attract more and more kids. Now kids over seven have more options to get entertained inside as the summer is around the corner.

The huge, brilliant, and colorful inflatable playground offers all the typical jumping and hopping fun that little ones enjoy including a climbing wall where small Spidermen and ladies can test their abilities securely.

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Furthermore, Jump N Fun has a cool foam pit for little thrill seekers to dispatch themselves into as well. Also, have installed a large number of different shapes and sizes of trampolines for freestyle jumping and bouncing.

So far, since its opening, the response is amazing as it is a very good addition for the little kids to have fun while visiting Virtual Reality VR Park at The Dubai Mall.

The new brilliant playing park has a lot to keep youngsters engaged including an assortment of fun passages to slither through, a freight net that they can endeavor to move across as they discharge their internal Spiderman, and an equilibrium bar that stumbles into the upper level for small children.

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This is a very good addition for the smaller kids to an existing Trampoline Park “Trampoline Extreme”. Timings start at 1 pm and close at 10 pm.

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