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Dubai Ranked Most Expensive City in Middle East

According to latest survey by Swiss Bank UBS, Dubai is ranked as a most expensive city in Middle East followed by Doha, Qatar. However, globally Dubai ranked 22nd and Doha ranked 36th out of 72 countries covered in survey. According to survey Oslo, Tokyo and Zurich are the most expensive cities in world.

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UBS survey also mentioned that Dubai is among the top cities when it comes to rent properties. Dubai comes in 3rd place with New York and Hong Kong took top positions. Though properties rent came down a lot in recent years due to economic crunch. But according to recent reports things are changing again and Dubai have recovered from the financial crises hit by world and Dubai few years ago.

UBS survey ranked Dubai 33rd in world for the level of Highest Paid Wages with lowest unemployment rate in world. Zurich, Geneva and Copenhagen took the top positions with Doha ranked 46th. Indian Cities Delhi and Mumbai ranked for the lowest paid wages. Delhi and Mumbai are also ranked the least expensive cities in World.

UBS Survey also ranked Dubai 27th for People Purchasing Power. The survey also mentioned that it took 12 minutes work for Dubai workers to buy McDonald BigMac Burger while workers in Doha have to work for 21 minutes. Also Doha ranked on 44th for individual person purchasing power.

All of these figures shows that Dubai is still growing and have over comes most of the down effects after hit by financial crises. Living style in Dubai is one of best in world and Dubai is maintaining the reputation of cities with rich lifestyle. It has best shopping malls, top international universities in Dubai, luxury hotel in Dubai, Dubai Tourist Industry and world most promising business of real estate investment in Dubai.

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