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The Dubai Mall re-opened after Aquarium leak fixed

The Dubai Mall, which was evacuated after a massive aquarium sprung a leak this week, re-opened on Friday (local time), according to media reports.

However, a glass tunnel running through the giant aquarium is still closed to the public as a precaution, the authorities responsible for the main attraction in the Gulf emirate, once thriving, he said.

The perimeter of the aquarium, said to be the largest in the world and has a number of different fish, including sharks, was cordoned off and shops around him late Thursday.

The Khaleej Times reported on its website that the flight had been lower, with buyers allowed to approach the tank and its surroundings again on Friday.

According to an official of the Dubai Mall, the tunnel is likely to open after the weekend, once the technical team conducted an exhaustive check.

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“Is rape was not a major, a minor crack and is fixed in an hour,” the official told the Times on condition of anonymity.

Dubai Mall, which has 1,200 shops, is the largest mall in the Middle East. Located at the foot of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower.

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