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Top 7 Must-See Places in Dubai in 2022

Dubai is among the most popular tourist destination. In 2020, we are here mentioning the top must-see places in Dubai to make your dream holiday in Dubai the best one.

Dubai, a desert oasis, is filled with luxury and extravagantness. Dubai has the best hotels and top-rated restaurants. It also boasts modern infrastructure and technology. Dubai’s shopping malls are renowned for their incredible collection.

Dubai is not only famous for its restaurants and hotels, but also for the many landmarks that are scattered around the city. This city is unique because of its mix of modern technology and architecture. Dubai has the best theme parks. The Global Village features performances by the best artists from around the globe and represents all countries.

You can learn about different cultures through the pavilions and even try food from around the globe. There are five zones in the IMG World of Adventures. They have 5 themes: Cartoon Network, Marvel Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventures, Haunted Hotels, IMG Boulevard, and Marvel. This basically means that there is something to suit everyone. Ferrari World is the ideal place for Ferrari enthusiasts around the world. It boasts the fastest roller coaster in the world, and the rides are truly amazing.

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Top Must-See Places in Dubai

Dubai has it all, whether you are looking for luxury or adventure, there is something for everyone. Dubai is a city that is worth a long trip. There is so much to do and so many places to see, it is impossible to spend just a few days exploring this amazing city. If you don’t know where to start, here are 7 must-see places in Dubai to enjoy a memorable experience.

1. Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

You can go on a morning desert safari in Dubai. The sun behind the dunes will give you an amazing view. A desert safari takes you on a 30-minute tour in an SUV. These 30 minutes can be as exciting and fun as you could imagine. Sand skiing is another great way to have fun in the desert. You can stay for one night in a camp and enjoy the cool desert atmosphere.

2. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, at 2,722 feet in height, is the world’s tallest building and structure. It was built in 2010 when it was inaugurated. The building was a landmark in Dubai and helped people realize that Dubai is not just an oil-based economy. This building, named after Abu Dhabi’s ruler and President of the United Arab Emirates, has set many height records. It is the main attraction in Dubai and is very popular around the globe. The lights show a spectacular evening, and many movie scenes were recorded here.

3. Zipline Dubai

Zipline Dubai

Are you looking for thrilling adventures? This is the place for you. Dubai is where the fun really gets serious. Zipline Dubai boasts stunning views of Palm Jumeirah’s skyscrapers and is one of the most popular zip lines in the world. The entire experience, from registration at the booth to your ride on the zip line takes approximately 90 minutes. You will feel like an eagle flying over Dubai using only a wire attached to your back. You can rest assured that the zip line is sturdy and safety is paramount.

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4. Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai, a district in Dubai that is located on the west side of Dubai Creek, is home to many mosques, including the tallest mosque in the city. Bur Dubai is a historical town that also has the only Hindu temple in the country. The famous Iranian mosque with its blue tiles is located here. The Dubai Creek was extended to the sea in 2013, making Bur Dubai an island. The area is very popular and has many apartment buildings. It is well worth visiting. Also, check out the old historic neighbourhood of Al Bastakiya district in Dubai.

5. Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina was inspired by Concord Pacific Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is 3 km long and runs along the Persian Gulf. This city is unique because it is artificially constructed. It is a great example of the potential Dubai has. From almost nothing, the United Arab Emirates has created cities that are so advanced and modern. These amazing cities rise from the sands, each one holding something truly unique. Dubai Marina is an example of this. Because it is connected with the open ocean, whales and sharks sometimes end up in the canals. This is quite a sight.

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6. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame Project

Dubai Frame is a landmark that stands 493 feet high and 313 feet wide. It will take you from Dubai’s history to the present and what the future holds. It can represent the future and past in a way that makes you believe you’re actually there. Talk about time travel. The Dubai Frame’s most striking feature is its skyline. From such a high point, you have a stunning view of the city. But the best part about the Dubai Frame is its floor. It turns transparent when you step on it. This makes it feel like you are walking in the clouds. Make sure to visit the largest picture frame in the country.

7. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall has many wonders. With its unique cinema experience and themed cafes, it is easy to spend the whole day admiring the beauty of this area. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are one of the best attractions in the mall. It houses over 300 species of marine life, including sharks and rays. The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are located on three floors. It is the largest aquarium tank in the world. You can see the aquarium from the tunnel below, which gives you a great view and makes you feel part of the incredible sea world.

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Above we mentioned the top must-see places in Dubai in 2022.

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