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Why use NCERT Books Class 11 Biology in Hindi

Class 11 exams play a very crucial role in a student’s academic life. Biology is one important subject for both the board exams as well as for NEET. Students tend to focus more on the biology part as it is a scoring subject. But many of the students are confused about which material to study and end up referring to multiple books. Choosing the right study material plays a very important role in the preparation for board exams. Students are recommended to follow NCERT biology books for class 11 as it is prescribed by the CBSE board. NCERT books play a significant role in the board exams, as well as highly competitive exams like NEET as most of the questions, are derived from the NCERT books. The question arises whether NCERT books are enough for scoring good marks? So the answer is definitely yes. NCERT books are proven the best for scoring more marks in the board examination.

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Here are the points that describe why students should refer to the NCERT books for class 11 biology in Hindi.

1. Strictly follows the CBSE curriculum

Class 11 NCERT biology textbook is prepared entirely based on the latest CBSE curriculum. It is prescribed by the CBSE itself. This will help the students to cover all the topics based on the latest class 11 biology syllabus and according to the exam pattern. These books contain information that is sufficient for the students to prepare for the exams.

2. Strengthen your fundamental knowledge

Students belonging to Hindi medium schools should refer to NCERT Books for Class 11 Biology in Hindi which is prepared by the subject experts and trainers after doing extensive research on biology topics. So, undoubtedly, students can trust the authenticity of the information provided. All the chapters are explained in detail in simple and easy language. A strong foundation can help the students to grab in-depth knowledge on topics. Students can clear their doubts easily.

3. Clears all fundamental concepts

It helps the students not only to finish the entire CBSE syllabus but also to strengthen their fundamentals and make them understand the basic concepts easily. As all the concepts are designed in a very simple language, it makes their concepts crystal clear. There is no need to mug up blindly when you clearly understand the topics. You just have to memorize and remember some complex terms and definitions which you can do by regular revision. NCERT Books Class 11 Biology in Hindi books also provide diagrams wherever necessary. Diagrams play an important role as it is a symbolic representation of information and a valuable tool to make you understand the theories even better through visual perception. Diagrams help in strengthening the answer. There are also some questions in the exam based on the diagrams. So, don’t skip practicing diagrams. This is why NCERT books are considered ideal study material for a thorough and comprehensive study to develop a clear concept.

4. Best for the CBSE board exams

Go through the previous year’s questions papers of the class 11 biology exam and analyze carefully. You can analyze that most of the questions either directly or indirectly are derived from the NCERT book only. It is recommended to go through the NCERT Exemplar Problems and diagrams carefully. This is why students must thoroughly read each and every line instead of rote learning.

5. It saves a lot of time during exam preparation

Students can feel stress during exam preparation. But your exam preparation will be smoother if you study from NCERT textbooks as all the complex topics are explained in an easy-to-understand language and most of the questions that are asked in the board exams are derived from these books only. So, NCERT books are highly sufficient for your preparation. So, when compared to other study materials, NCERT biology books are such a savior that it saves a lot of time helping the students to manage time efficiently. The leftover time could be used for studying and practicing more on the topics where the students lack.

6. Practice

NCERT Class 11 biology book offers a number of questions to practice. Students must solve all the questions that are given at the end of each chapter. This will help you to know how well you have understood the chapter. Practice helps the student to score good marks in board exams. It is very important for the students to practice a lot of questions and constantly revise in order to score high marks. Along with the exercise questions, you should solve and practice NCERT Exemplar problems too. This will help you to answer any twisted questions too. It also has solved examples that will help the students to understand even better.

7. It makes revision easy

Revision is a must as it will help the students to memorize the concepts more easily and quickly. Before the exam begins, students must give enough time to revise all the topics. This will help the information to stay fresh in the mind. Students must revise regularly. In this case, NCERT biology books make it easy for the students as the information provided for each topic is very specific and takes less time to recall what they have studied.

8. Better than any reference book

Students can also refer to other reference books to study biology. But they should keep in mind that not all reference books are up to the standard of NCERT books. It may have huge notes without any basic knowledge, which will confuse and waste students’ time. So, this is the main reason students must refer to NCERT books and practice the questions to perform really well in the board exams.

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Hope the information provided above is useful in making you understand the importance of the NCERT Books for Class 11 Biology in Hindi. NCERT books are like a bible to the students preparing for class 11 board exams or for any other competitive exams. All the best and crack your board exams.

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