6 Ways to Use Technology to Grow Your Business in Dubai

Competition is something businesses will never run out of, and always contend with, in Dubai. With hundreds of companies already established in this city and dozens still in the pipeline, entrepreneurs have their work cut out for them to grow and thrive in the market.

Maximizing all your resources ensures you get the most out of your investment and, at the same time, enables you to keep up with (and eventually get ahead of) your competition.

One of these resources that you have to make the most use of is technology. There are indispensable tools designed to help you run your business more productively and efficiently.

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Maximizing Technology in Your Business

Experts from the top IT services companies in Dubai share below the different areas in your business where technology is crucial and the different ways you can use these tools to grow and drive your business to success:

1. Communication

Business Communication Technology

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers are the most popular tools people use to communicate. They are staples in all workplaces and nearly everyone has their own gadgets which they use for personal reasons. As such, there is no reason for your business not to make the most of these devices.

For effective communication within the company, ensure all communication tools or channels you have selected are installed on all company-issued devices. Whether you have chosen Slack, Skype, or Zoom, and whether you have the free or paid versions, make sure they are ready for use.

If your employees want to download these apps on their personal devices, allow them to do so. However, do not expect them to be online round the clock.

Email is another tool that you and your team should maximize for internal and external communication. It is still a reliable channel for office collaborations and updates.

Moreover, customers are also likely to use emails to get in touch with you. As such, it is crucial that you have an official one for business and have designated members to handle the specific correspondences you receive.

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2. Marketing

Business Marketing Technology

These days, you can’t do marketing without technology. After all, even your printed or offline materials are produced by machines.

The best ways to start using technology for your marketing campaigns are to turn your website into an excellent promotional tool and send targeted emails and newsletters to your customers.

You can also use free or paid software to create a marketing plan that you can edit, update, and share with your team. Additionally, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media channels are effective tools for promoting your brand and products or services.

With the right analytic tools, you can also improve your marketing tactics. You can use them to make smart decisions regarding which strategies to continue implementing and which ones to modify or stop doing altogether.

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3. Customer Service

Customer Service Technology

There are various ways to conduct customer service using technology.

Responding to questions and addressing complaints on social media are some examples. You can also use online surveys to get feedback from customers.

With the right platform, you can set up a cloud-based help desk or ticket system to handle customer complaints or issues.

Additionally, investing in a CRM system will help you build stronger customer relationships. With this program, you can create and expand your customer base and engage with them to keep them loyal.

You can also use the CRM software to track your customers’ buying journey and find out which of your processes you can improve to encourage them to move through the funnel.

Chatbots are also excellent customer service tech tools. Since you and your team are not online 24/7 to answer queries, this feature allows consumers to speak with someone from your company, assuring them that someone from your company is listening to them and will deal with their concerns properly.

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4. Learning and Collaboration

Business Learning & Collaboration

With innovations in technology, your team can take part in learning opportunities and work together virtually.
Webinars, virtual conferences, and online training programs allow you and your employees to learn new skills and stay up-to-date regarding the latest industry news and practices.

Additionally, if you want to improve your leadership and entrepreneurial skills, there are training programs you can take online.

With the right tools, you can conduct teleconference calls or virtual meetings to ensure team members in different branches, cities, or even countries are on the same page. You will also make sharing and updating files and data more convenient when your company uses cloud solutions.

Your communication tools allow your team to speak with and collaborate easily as well.

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5. Productivity

Business Productivity Technology

If you don’t have the budget yet to hire more people, using different technologies allows you to manage your business more efficiently even if you don’t have plenty of workers. Moreover, you can help your employees become more productive as well.

Using time tracking software, for instance, allows you and your team to create and use to-do lists and calendars that can help everyone stay on top of and manage their daily tasks. These tools are also excellent for monitoring employee accountability and productivity and improving processes.

Additionally, other project management and task management tools help you stay on top of your daily business responsibilities.

Lastly, digital filing systems make it easier for everyone to sort, save, share, and find important documents.

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6. Finance and Budgeting

Financing and Budgeting Technology

Finally, managing money and working within your budget is crucial to keeping your company running. As such, you also need to have the right tools to stay on top of this part of your business.

Use accounting software to streamline your bookkeeping processes, manage business finances, and ensure accuracy in your cash flow records. A payroll program, on the other hand, can help you stay on top of wages, salary taxes, year-end bonuses, and employee leaves.

If you outsource your accounting requirements, using digital files and sharing them with your bookkeeper or accountant improves and streamlines all involved processes as well.

An online budget tracking program can also help you monitor and reduce your expenses.
Lastly, to streamline and reduce the cost and time you spend collecting payments from customers, use an online invoicing service.

There are a variety of technologies that you can use to improve different parts of your business and keep it running like a well-oiled machine. If you are unsure about how you can maximize these various tools, get advice from IT consultants.

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