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5 Best Business Ideas in Dubai to Start in 2019

Dubai is the capital city of United Arab Emirate, a Gulf nation in the Middle East, Asia Continent. Known for its oil-rich economy the country has now been a leading center for business and entrepreneurship. The country ranks at the 11th spot when it comes to ease of doing business. Ease of doing business is a consolidated word that evaluates various business parameters to give a final rank.

The country has attracted 56% of the fortune 500 companies to do business in Dubai. It also has more than 200,000 registered companies in which many belong to the medium and small scale enterprises that are key to create employment. There are numerous business opportunities in Dubai to discuss, but as of now, we have crafted 5 best and profitable business ideas in Dubai for you.

Business Ideas in Dubai

Here are the five most Attractive businesses to start with huge success potential in Dubai.

1. Business Solution Provider

business solution provider in Dubai

There are numerous companies that get registered every year in Dubai. Since Dubai has become a hub for startups and businesses, it attracts thousands of entrepreneurs ready to invest money in their business. This leads to incorporation of new business for which such investors need ground assistance.

Become one such solution and assistance provider for numerous such companies who will pay you in return. From legal assistance to business-specific assistance, to Visa approval and many more, your business should offer every assistance that a startup owner needs. For this, you need to have some good contacts with the administration and also a very active team. There is not much investment required to open such a solution company.

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2. Housing and Accommodations

Business Housing & Accommodation

Since numerous people visit Dubai for business purpose and also for living it is evident that they will need housing and accommodations. For short stay most of the visitors use hotels but for the longer stay, they opt for a living apartment based on their budget. One can try out this business of providing housing and accommodation facilities to such visitors. Either one can directly indulge in housing and accommodations or one can just become an intermediate between the customer and the landlord and become a facilitator.

What one needs is a deep connection and network between the house lords and the potential customers. What you will earn is the commission which will arise after the deal between the house lord and the customer. People who are new to the city need such facilitators who will do such jobs for them.

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3. House Furnishing and House Appliance Service

Business Housing and Furnishing

For the people living newly in Dubai and living in a residential apartment. It is obvious that one will need some basic utilities in the living home. These things mostly include a drawer, cupboard, furniture, etc. A well-furnished kitchen, drawing room, bedroom, and kitchen is what one expects for a standard living.

Most of the residential apartments are just empty rooms which are required to be maintained and for this, you can provide services related to the requirements. It is also very common that for residents in Dubai who are on a job for a short period or temporary period often feel like using appliances and household items for short period.

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They generally opt for rented goods. You can supply such appliances like TV, refrigerator, AC, washing machine, chimney, and other such electronic items. You can also be specific to the needs of particular customers. The business will work wonders because, with the rise of investment and jobs, many people are migrating to the city for work thus creating a requirement of such things.

4. Shipping and Cargo

Dubai Shipping and Cargo

Dubai being on a seashore remains quite busy on the ports. The city carries out billion dollar business on an everyday basis and thus there is a huge supply of goods. Both exports and imports are in huge number and thus it attracts the market for shipping and cargo. It is not necessary that a business in shipping only means export to other country or vice versa but it also means that shipping of goods from Dubai to other cities of the country via water.

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There is a big business going on and thriving related to transport of goods. In order to grow one needs to register as a business and hire few cargo ships which may be of medium size. Thousand metric ton of goods are daily transported in Dubai and thus this business has huge scope given the way one runs the business which requires a good connection.

Since most supplies take place between dealers and distributors, one needs to make a network with them to get contracts of supply of goods. Punctuality in transport is must as any late in delivery will directly impact your business and millions of dollars are on stake.

5. Tourism

Tourism in Dubai

You don’t necessarily need to deal with visitors for your tourism business. It can be entirely different from it. Many tourist companies don’t necessarily have everything of their own like tourist cars and vehicles, hotels, staff, etc. They mostly hire other companies or go into contract with them for various services. For example, there are many hotel companies that offer hotel booking online.

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They do not operate any hotel of their own but they do provide services under their banner with a particular standard. You can become a product or service provider for such companies. Like maintaining a hotel room with standard needs including food. Providing car services, food, and other such services in collaboration with the parent company.

Such services do not require direct contact with customers but you work as an intermediate or third-party contractor. Such businesses thrive in Dubai where for every particular job there are businesses who deal with it. Like if you need a car and you ask your hotel manager then he will contact a particular service who will send their car.

For this, you need to network with such stakeholders like hotels, tourist and travel agents who necessarily don’t manage everything on their own but designate many works to third parties who work in tandem with them for mutual benefit.

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These are only five businesses that you may not have heard about but have huge potential in them. Explore more on them and start your own business.

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