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Costs of Ukrainian Mail Order Brides: Everything You Need to Know

A couple of years ago, experts from Hong Kong compiled a rating of the most beautiful women from around the world by surveying men. To the great surprise of many, Asians put Ukrainian women at the top of the list. Here we will discuss why Ukrainian ladies looking for marriage are in such high demand in men all across the world. And, most importantly, we are going to find out, how much does it cost to mail order Ukrainian brides?

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Why are Ukrainian Women so Beautiful?

Let’s talk about why Ukrainian ladies looking for husbands are so beautiful? Many single Ukrainian girls for marriage do not even think of finding love at home, they purposefully get acquainted with foreigners, hoping to start a serious relationship with a man from abroad. But what attracts foreign suitors in the Slavs? Why do they think that in the role of wife, Ukrainian is better than Europeans?


In Europe, a thirty-five-year-old bachelor rarely looks attractive in the eyes of 22–25-year-old girls. And indeed, for them at this age, self-development, education, travel, and entertainment are much more relevant than serious relationships and even more so marriage. In this regard, Ukrainian girls are better than Europeans for creating a family, because, in Ukraine, girls after 20 are ready to start a family and even to have children.


The average Ukrainian is better than Europeans in fashion, makeup techniques, and other female tricks. And a European man, not accustomed to such frills in everyday clothes, makeup, and hairstyles, enthusiastically escorts legs in high heels and feels lucky to be in this world. Moreover, Ukrainian beauties quite favorably respond to his courtship. While in his homeland, he would hardly have been able to meet with such an attractive girl. Indeed, almost everyone has money, a car, and their own housing, and a “financially secure man,” by the standards of Ukrainian women, is a man there is an ordinary, unremarkable citizen.

They are family-oriented

Despite the fact that European men are quite progressive in terms of relationship duties in a family, they still would expect to see a woman that can cook and care for the family next to them. Ukrainian women have it in their blood. It’s not that a Ukrainian woman could cook or clean her apartment better than a European, just a woman abroad (if she’s not a housewife) would rather call a cleaner and go to a restaurant for dinner.

The cost of Ukrainian Mail Order Brides

The cost of a mail order brides depends on quite a few reasons, and here are the main ones you should definitely consider:

  • Subscription to a dating site. The price varies from 10 to 50 dollars, sometimes even higher than that.
  • Country of citizenship of a woman you wish to be your future wife. And in the case of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the cost of travel expenses would be something around $550-600.
  • Cost of communication. This implies all sorts of needs and expenses that have to do with the process of communicating with your future wife. This can range from 100 to 1000 dollars.
  • Extra costs. All sorts of gifts, flowers, sweets, really anything you would want to send to your woman. The cost of this can vary significantly, everything depends on you and how much you are willing to spend on her.

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Get to know each other better and determine if you like a girl primarily as a person before deciding to transfer relations to the physical level. So, if you want to find yourself a mail order Ukrainian brides – you can use our service to do so.

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