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Dubai Airports Introducing “Smart Gates” to Check-in or Check-out within 22 Seconds

Authorities took another step towards making Dubai Airport the worlds best airport by introducing “Smart Gates” in January 2013. Through these self-process e-Gates passengers will check in/check out of airport in just 22 seconds by just swiping their passports without standing in long queue for stamping their passports.

e-gates at dubai airport
According to project plan, in the first stage, 100 “Smart Gates” will be installed at Terminal-3 in January 2013 and by the end of 2014 all the terminals will be equipped with these “Smart Gates”.

Major General Mohammed Al Marri, Director of the Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs at the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) told reporters that “Smart Gates” will be equipped with automatic identification system, facial imprint and automatic iris scan.

Thani Abdullah Al Zafeen, General Manager of Emaratech, said: “Passengers will be required to just swipe their passports at e-Gate scanner and walk through the airport. E-Gate will enable quicker passenger traffic and improve security. In case of a fake passport, e-Gate will prevent passengers from entering and alert the officer on duty”.

According to DNRD in Dubai report 50 million passengers traveled through Dubai Airport last year this figures included 30 million transit passengers.

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