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Reconnect with Nature in the UAE: The Goal Which is Easy to Accomplish

Numerous studies show that spending time in nature offers great benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health. It can lower stress levels, improve mood, boost cardiovascular and lung health, and so much more.

There is even a program called “Nature Therapy” which is used to treat anxiety and depression. Psychologists say that the scent of trees increases the activity of natural killer cells in the body. These cells strengthen the immune system’s resistance against stressors.

Meanwhile, encountering animals creates good memories for young children and stimulates their imagination. This is why people who were greatly fascinated with animals as children are often happier and more caring despite the challenging circumstances during their early life.

With such findings, there’s no questioning that spending time in nature and experiencing everything it has to offer is good for you.

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Finding Accessible Natural Spaces

Nature places in Dubai

Unfortunately, continuous industrial developments are reducing the available green spaces and destroying the habitat of various wildlife. Plus, in arid locations, lush natural settings are not as accessible. People would have to carve out time for a long journey just to get to the nearest forest.

Fortunately, though, it is also because of mindsets focused on innovation and developments in design technology that reconnecting with nature has become significantly easier to do today. For example, in recent years, a movement to reconnect with nature was launched in the UAE. In Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other cities, special programs and facilities have been developed to bring nature closer to locals.

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Getting in Touch with Nature in Urban Areas

These days, locals and tourists in the UAE can experience the wonders of nature right in the city. There’s no need to drive to distant destinations because various organizations have come up with ingenious solutions to create nature experiences right in the country’s biggest urban locations.

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Connect with Nature

Connect with Nature is an organization that regularly comes up with activities that promote interaction with nature as well as conscientious practices for the better stewardship of Mother Earth.

From hiking trips to canoeing in the flourishing mangroves near cities, from campouts and beach cleanups to recycling drives, the organization carefully plans all these nature-related outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Its activities are not limited to the capital and economic hub of the country. If you do not wish to drive a long way for a nature-centred experience, thanks to Connect with Nature, you do not have to.

The organization is fully committed to the goal of preserving nature and getting as many people as possible involved in this vital undertaking. What’s more, it keeps on coming up with new and exciting activities to remind people that however big the responsibility to protect the future of our environment may be, it can also be fun and greatly gratifying to work towards fulfilling it.

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The Green Planet

The Green Planet UAE

Meanwhile, in the city of Dubai, a human-made, multi-level sanctuary for both exotic and endemic flora and fauna is the closest thing locals can get to a natural rainforest in the city. It’s a well-designed conservatory where all animals are cared for by experts from different parts of the globe.

This centre called The Green Planet is a fantastic destination for nature and animal lovers. Not only can visitors experience a close encounter with a variety of wildlife, but they can learn so much more about how to take care of them as well.

For example, the place offers a Zookeeper of the Day program. This is absolutely perfect for those who long for a deeper understanding of caring for the natural world and its diverse inhabitants. This particular program allows participants to shadow in-house biologists as they go about their daily responsibilities in the climate-controlled facility where animals can easily thrive.

Not only that, but the centre also offers different eco-friendly attractions and events in Dubai. This help educates visitors about the symbiotic relationship between nature and humans and how both can benefit from each other in so many different ways.

It’s important to mention as well that as the seasons change, the facility presents new events and attractions. For instance, during Halloween, the conservatory decks out in spooky decor in celebration of the holiday. Themed events present a different brand of enjoyment to the core experiences The Green Planet provides.

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The Dubai Miracle Garden

This popular tourist destination also presents an excellent opportunity to connect with the wonders of nature. Here, you will find the most extensive assortment of flowers, as it is home to 250 million plants and 15,000 butterflies from 26 different species. In addition to those, the world’s largest natural flower garden also takes care of beautiful peacocks and attracts various species of birds.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is not just an opportunity for nature lovers to benefit from the beauty of colourful vegetation; it also serves as a reminder of humankind’s genius. With thoughtful planning and execution, the integral needs in life such as beauty, peace of mind, physical rest, a sense of accountability for things and each other, and others can be met.

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Green and Happy in the UAE

So, if you are looking for a way to boost your well-being by being in nature, know that this goal is easy to accomplish in the UAE especially in Dubai. Here, Living in Dubai, you have both all-natural and human-made creations to remind you of the beautiful relationship between humankind and nature.

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