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4 Things Every UK Tourist Needs to Know Before Visiting Dubai

If you are planning an upcoming trip to Dubai, there are a number of factors you must consider before you arrive in one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. It can, however, be very clear cut with several rules and regulations that must be followed especially if you are a UK tourist.

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Travel Tips to Dubai for UK Tourist

If you are looking to familiarise yourself with a number of travel tips ahead of your trip to Dubai, continue reading to find out everything you need to know as a UK tourist.

1. Visit in the Cooler Months

If you have visited Dubai or the surrounding region in recent years, you may be familiar with how hot temperatures can reach in the summer months. It may, therefore, be worth holding off on your summer travel plans and visiting in the cooler months which tend to be between October and April. It is worth remembering, however, that it will be uncomfortably hot no matter when you visit if you are accustomed to UK temperatures and that cool clothing, and perhaps also a fan, can be welcome additions to your suitcase. If you can only travel during the hotter months, you must ensure you arrive prepared for the heat.

2. Book flights in Advance

It may sound unnecessary but if you are looking to save money on your upcoming travel plans, you must remember to book your flights to Dubai in advance. It can be tempting to wait until the last second in the hopes of bagging a last-minute deal, but this may only result in you being forced to pay hundreds, or even thousands, more than you would if you had organised travel months before. It is, after all, a general rule that international airlines tend to release their cheapest flights around six months prior to departure and hike the prices up in the last remaining few days in order to claw back any money lost.

3. Organise Travel Insurance as Soon as Possible

If you have booked your flights to Dubai, you must also organise travel insurance as soon as possible. This can protect you, and your entire travel party, against a number of accidents or emergencies whilst abroad and reassure you that you are in safe hands regardless of whether this is your first or fifth time in the country. It may also be worth researching a for a reputable provider, as an example, holiday insurance from Staysure will cover you against several factors including cancellations, medical expenses, baggage claims, and lost or stolen cash, just to name a few. If you are wary of travelling again or are just looking for an extra layer of safety and security during your first trip to Dubai, travel insurance is a must.

4. Dress Modestly in Public

In Dubai, it is recommended that tourists dress modestly in public in keeping with local rules and regulations. It is, therefore, worth keeping this in mind whilst you are packing and opting for multiple layers and avoiding revealing or flashy garments if possible. In addition, it is also considered indecent for men to walk around without a shirt on regardless of how hot temperatures reach so when in doubt, always wear more than you think is deemed necessary or layer up.

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If you are planning an upcoming trip from the UK to Dubai, there are a number of travel tips and tricks you must familiarise yourself with ahead of time especially as being a UK tourist. This includes visiting in the cooler months, booking flights in advance, organising travel insurance as soon as possible, and dressing modestly in public.

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