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Top 5 Best Districts to Stay in Dubai

Dubai is situated in the Persian Gulf of the Arabian Desert and is one of the largest and the most popular cities in the Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan and modern cities in the world. If you are planning to visit Dubai, you should first know that Downtown Dubai is the best area to stay in due to its proximity to other attractions and many hotels. You can check cozycozy to get in details of various hotels and other accommodation facilities in Dubai.

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Best Districts to Stay in Dubai

Besides Downtown Dubai, you can also stay at the Dubai beach if you want to enjoy the sea and do water activities. In this post, you will know about the 5 top districts or locations where you can stay in Dubai. So, let us do not waste time and start exploring.

1. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai

As mentioned earlier, Downtown Dubai is one of the best places to stay in Dubai as it is close to the neighboring tourist attractions of Dubai and it has lots of accommodation facilities to book. Whether you are looking for luxurious resorts or affordable hotels, you can get everything here. Please check out the list of tourist attractions near Downtown Dubai. This place is best for leisure travelers as it has all the city’s major attractions like Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai Fountain, and the Dubai Mall. This place is also best for business travelers as it has the Dubai World Trade Center, Congress fairgrounds, and large skyscrapers and offices in the area. This place is also famous for the nightlife. However, the consumption of alcohol is regulated here.

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2. Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai

This is the bustling area in Dubai. It has some of the great historical landmarks of the city like the Al Fahidi and Al Bastakiya historical district, Dubai Museum, Textile Souq, and the Governor’s office. It is also a busy commercial and dining space with many restaurants along the Al Dhiyafah Road in Dubai. This area is much more affordable than Downtown Dubai, but the local charm of the place is the one that attracts the people to come again and again. The hotels here are cheaper than the neighboring places, but they are centrally located than Deira. Currently, this area is becoming popular due to the growth of traditional Arabian properties. You can escape here if you are bored to stay at the high-end resorts and hotels.

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3. Dubai Beaches

Dubai Beaches

Dubai is privileged as it is located near the sea. For most visitors who come to this place, the main attraction is Dubai’s sandy beach. The beaches are bathed by the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, and it is the place where you can enjoy the beach throughout the year. This Dubai Beach has some popular landmarks; one among them is the Palm Jumeirah. Checkt the following link If you are interested in beachfront properties in Dubai.

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4. Al Quoz

Al Quoz District Dubai

This place is growing due to the art and culture, which is just great. The travelers can witness a vibrant art scene that has been developed here with exhibitions here and there organized by the local and international artists globally. This area has lots of beautifully designed cafes and coffee shops.

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5. Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City

It is famous as the “The Capital of Arab Media 2020”. It is said to be one of the best places to stay in Dubai for travelers. Here you can find lots of tourist accommodations accompanied by modern facilities and features. The most eye-catching establishment of this place is the open-air amphitheater. It is the place for you, for the families, old-school people, and the young professionals.

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If you want to come to this vibrant country, book your tickets and choose the best accommodation from a well-known booking platform and enjoy.

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