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Romantic Gifts: Why Flower Delivery is the Perfect Option?

The romantic period in a relationship is a time that a couple remembers later in life. If you want to heat up your relationship, you will definitely need online romantic gifts delivery of sweets and bouquets to delight your soulmate with surprises. It is great when you have a reliable flower delivery at hand: flower shop in Dubai mall where there are good opportunities for online flower ordering. Let’s understand how to choose a service to order your favorite flowers for a proposal, for a date and just as a sudden surprise.

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Meaning and Symbolism of Flowers in Romantic Relationships

Importance of Flowers in Romantic Relationships

Two hundred years ago, bouquets of flowers were used to communicate with loved ones: when a young man couldn’t just take to a girl, he would send her flowers and she would read the bouquet like a letter and then send a reply. One flower meant that she reciprocated, another that she was only willing to offer friendship, and a third that she was angry and love was over.

Romance and Emotional Connection with Flowers

The very fact of giving flowers makes a girl stand out among all, and besides, if you can create a beautiful tradition for your couple, a bouquet of certain flowers will remind you of a beautiful date or other event important only to the two of you. For example, you give a bouquet of peonies as a sign of apology for being late, then when she was angry about something. From then on, with the help of peonies you will be able to reconcile after quarrels without any words. And a bouquet of hydrangeas, suddenly sent with delivery, will hint to the girl that tonight she is waiting for a surprise (or that you are waiting for a return surprise).

The language of flowers: what plants tell you about feelings

Today, not everyone knows what each flower means. However, the most popular messages still remain, and your beloved will easily decipher your message.

  • Pink carnation – first love, naivety, gullibility
  • White chrysanthemum – straightforwardness, truthfulness.
  • Red tulip – declaration of love.
  • Yellow tulip – hopeless love, admiration.
  • Hydrangea – aristocracy, restraint, hidden love.
  • Scarlet rose – love and passion
  • Chamomile – loyalty, sincerity
  • Iris – courage, loyalty, friendship.
  • Peony – health, success, longevity.
  • Gladiolus – victory, preference of one over all others.

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Benefits of Flower Delivery During Romantic Courtship

Benefits of Flower Delivery

So, why flowers in a relationship, we understand. But why sometimes it is better not to bring a bouquet yourself, but to order with delivery?

Convenience and comfort of delivery

You can get away from your business for just a little while while you choose flowers, place your order, and figure out what message to give the florist to handwrite on a card.

Creating a Surprise and an Experience

You didn’t arrange to meet, but your bouquet reminds you of the connection between you.

Invitation to Play

If you sent the bouquet through a delivery service and asked that the card not be signed with your name, the lady has to guess it’s you (although it’s probably clear to her right away who might have sent her a surprise). This anonymity is an invitation to the game, a little challenge, waiting for a reciprocal presentation. In addition, the girl will have time to prepare, because you will not see immediately at the moment of receiving the bouquet.

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How to Choose a Bouquet and Order Delivery?

Choosing Bouquet for perfect delivery

To make a really successful surprise, you need to take care of many things at once: that the bouquet liked, was of good quality, that the girl was not disappointed by the level of service.

Symbolism of the flower and personal preferences

It is useful to know what flowers your beloved likes: you can give them without restrictions and without looking at the secret meanings. However, if you are not sure, it is better to choose neutral options. Thus, frank scarlet roses can embarrass a modest girl, and white roses can disappoint an extravagant person.

Choosing a composition

The assortment of florist stores in Kazakhstan pleases with its variety: you can order a classic bouquet and a complex cascade composition, a bouquet in a hat box or a flirty foamiranova handbag. The main thing is that the bouquet should surprise, but not discourage.

Personalize and Add Special Details

The best surprises are addressable. If you call the girl by some nickname, try to use some detail that speaks specifically about her. It can be a cat, a butterfly, some kind of figurine.

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Romantic moments, perfect for flower delivery

Romantic Moment with Bouquet delivery

Birthday or Anniversary

Everyone expects a gift on the morning of their birthday, but it’s especially nice when your young man was the first one to congratulate you, as there was a basket of flowers waiting for you at your doorstep early in the morning.

Proposal of Marriage

A marriage proposal simply requires a gorgeous bouquet! Sometimes you don’t have to say a word, just send your beloved a huge armful of roses with a “Marry Me!” card and watch from hiding as she receives your acceptance.

Apologizing and Reconciliation

Sometimes it’s hard to say “I’m sorry,” and that’s when a bouquet of flowers will come to the rescue again.

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Questions and Answers

Why is it important to give girls flowers?

Not only is it a recognized social norm, but it’s also a way to strengthen the emotional bond between the two of you, and an opportunity to create cute, heart-warming traditions for your couple.

Why do people give flowers?

Since ancient times, fresh flowers have represented respect, recognition, victory, and favor. Today, when you give flowers, you set a person apart and express your good feelings for them.

What does it mean when a man gives flowers?

It all depends on the context: sometimes it means just a sign of respect, sometimes – a symbol of love and passion, and it happens that flowers are also a way to apologize or make up after a quarrel.

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