Top 10 Best Night Clubs in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its vibrant night life. One of Dubai’s claims to fame is its vibrant night life. Dubai has much to offer in terms of late night entertainment and the city regularly hosts some of the most popular club nights and DJs from around the globe. There are many bars and night clubs in Dubai, Most clubs are packed on Thursday and Friday nights as Thursday signals the end of the work week and Fridays and Saturdays are weekends in Dubai.

Many popular night clubs host a ladies club night on Tuesday where ladies can enter for free and are sometimes even offered free drinks. Previously, most night clubs in Dubai used to allow no entry fee, but in recent years with the explosion of the night life scene in Dubai, visitors can expect to pay up to AED 200 as the night club entry fee.

Rules for Night Clubs in Dubai

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Dress Code to follow
Although party wear is frowned upon in Dubai malls and other public places in Dubai, short skirts, short dresses and micro minis are normal clubbing attire in the swankier night clubs in Dubai. In fact, many of the more exclusive clubs hire bouncers who are directed to discreetly let in the best dressed people. Most clubs will not allow entry to those dressed casually in jeans, shorts or flip-flops.

Legal Drinking age in Dubai
The legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 years of age and Dubai night clubs often adhere to this rule very strictly.

IDs to bring at night clubs in Dubai
For visitors, a passport is an acceptable form of ID, while for residents, an Emirates ID or a driving license will suffice. Some clubs will only allow entry to those aged 25 years and above, so it is advisable to check before you plan a night out.

Drink & Drive is strictly not allowed
If you plan on drinking, make sure you take a cab back home or wherever you plan on going after. UAE has absolutely no tolerance for drinking and driving and police are very vigilant; getting caught will guarantee jail time.

Timings for Night Clubs in Dubai
Clubs typically start filling up after 10 p.m. and all night clubs close by 3:00 a.m. although bars close earlier around 1:00 a.m.

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Top 10 Night Clubs in Dubai

Whether you’re looking to dress up for a night on the town or want to party without the hassles of dressing up, there are plenty of party spots to pick from. Listed below are ten the most popular night clubs in Dubai. Please note that listed night clubs are in no particular order.

1. Skyview Bar, Burj al Arab

Skyview Bar is one of the top best night clubs to enjoy nightlife in Dubai. It has its name on top of the list of nightlife. It is located on the 27th floor, 200 meters above the sea level at Burj al Arab hotel. The club is famous for its innovative cocktails. Its cocktails have great influence on the mood swing of the person. It can take you from the world of anxiety to the world of ecstasy. The 3D glittering lights make your reflection brighter and colorful and makes you different. The light music makes your conversations impressive with your companions. Here you can make your cocktail of your choice. Waste not even the single moment to get in here and to quench your thirst.

2. Zero Gravity, Dubai Marina at Al Sufouh Road

Zero gravity Dubai means the condition of weightlessness. Here in zero gravity you can feel yourself in the world of clouds roaming up and down. It’s a single mixture of beach, bar and restaurant to enjoy every movement of lavishness near you. It is located at Dubai marina in Jumeriah beach residence at Al Sufouh Road. You can enjoy dining, dancing and gathering all in place to make your moment memorable. The new addition in it is that you can view the waves in the sea. It contain glass separated swimming pool with the facility of bar. There is also installation of audio/visuals, sounds and entertainment system.

3. Sensation Club

Sensation is one of the best and famous nightclub in dubai. It is located in Crown Plaza Hotel in Sheikh Zayed Road. The Club is particularly famous with Desi crowd means Indians and Pakistani etc. Other nationals have their presence too. Sensation Club has very friendly staff. Entrance fee for ladies is absolutely free however boys need to pay approximately 100 AED as an entrance fee. Dance floor and the VIP area is very spacious compare to other nightclubs in Dubai. Sensation Clubs opens for whole week.

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4. White Dubai

White Dubai is the deck of elite class to arrange their parties with full on music and entertainment system. It is styled in modern and up to dated pattern of silver and white interiors for whites of Dubai. It’s an American style club away from America for white expats of Dubai. Its 3D light show makes your reflection as you are made of silver and white painting. Its dance floor is full of energy with high amplified music the people rock and roll and forget their tiredness. A special modern technically based music system is installed in it that beats with your heart beat. It can accommodate thousands of people on tour part. You can make reservation here or enjoy as individual with others companions to make your night unforgettable. You can arrange the party with desired decor suitable to your party.

5. Vault Bar

Vault bar is one of the top ten bars of Dubai. It is located high on the 71st and 72nd floor of the hotel, permitting panoramic scenes of Dubai. It’s out class design, its amazing collection of popular cigar brands, and the serving of premium beverages makes it desirable for the elite class to visit it. It is located in Sheikh Zayed Road, 71st and 72nd Floor, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai. On this floor the bar gives you an outstanding sight of the city skyline. Unlimited music with marked cocktails makes your time not forgettable. Never miss the chance to visit this stylish and lavish place of bar in Dubai.

6. Stereo Arcade

Stereo Arcade Dubai is one of the top best bars of Dubai. It’s a great place of live bands and enjoy old school songs to enjoy it with your buddies. It offers every possible items of junks and jumbles comprising pizzas of your desired taste. It is located on the walk way of Jumeirah beach residence in Hilton hotel. It is special for its availability of bar all the times, its live music of different bands, its amazing nightlife, its astonishing parking and breath taking interior. The visit to this bar makes you feel in the vibrant heaven.

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7. Cavalli Club

Cavalli club is one of the amazing and top beat night clubs of Dubai. It offers the delicious food in its restaurant and lounge offering an astonishing place to spend time and here music. It is famous for its Italian cuisines, quenchable drinks and premium vintages. Its black quartz floorboards makes the flooring rock and roll and marks people on the bar rock and roll. It is present in Fairmount hotel on Shaikh Zaid road in Dubai. Its interior and music makes its visitors exotic and glamorous.

8. 360

360 is one another stylish and one of the top ten night clubs of Dubai. It offers a modern and elite class exotic environment of parties and club get-togethers. It offers a lounge at Jumeirah beach hotel to view the famous Burj Al Arab and the silent and smoothening sound of waves of the sea. It offers the amazing dance floor with full on DJ music on electric beats making people and visitors hip-hop. The serving of dinner and drinks is in unique modern and urban style. Its seafood is its specialty. But the one restriction of the bar is that all the visitors must be above of 21 years.

9. Bar 44

Bar 44 is one of the top 10 and best night club of Dubai. People who wanted to charge themselves from the hectic routine life. It’s the best choice for them. It gives the entertaining vistas of Jumeriah Palm. It serves you with best quality of campaigns, cocktails and mats of your choice and desire. On the top floor of Grosvenor house of Dubai marina it gives you the panoramic view of sunset. Its dance floor and bar lounge are near to facilitate the visitors and make the guests comfortable in it.

10. Ewaan Lounge

Ewaan lounge is another top best club of Dubai. It offers the royal style of nightlife. Limited and selected high class music with shisha in the atmosphere of smoke rolls make the environment exotic and soothing of soul. It also offers the poolside settings of bar with daybeds DJ amplifiers and sound system at one side and dancing floor on the other side of the lounge. Its an open air bar with traditional Arabian style huts of tents to dine on table of two.

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