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Tips to Save Money While Enjoying an Exciting Trip to Dubai

Going for a vacation once in a while is an excellent way to relieve stress from work or school. When you’re travelling, especially to another country for a vacation, you get the chance to experience the culture, the food, and the environment of a new place. These vacations are indeed a one of a kind experience where you can keep memories of your travels with you forever.

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Whether it’s a European getaway to France, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, or an Oriental escape towards China, Philippines, Thailand, or Japan, you’re in for a treat as almost every country all over the world has some tourist spots eagerly awaiting tourists. And among all, Dubai has become the most popular destination because of its unique modern architecture, luxury lifestyle, exclusive shopping malls (Check here for some exclusive tips on Shopping in Dubai) and lively nightlife. All of these makes Dubai as the dream destination for tourists from all over the world.

Being in a new country on vacation, especially when you’re all alone, can be very challenging. Not only will you have difficulty in understanding certain languages, but you’ll also have to deal with money in a totally new way. Especially when the country is known for its luxury shopping and five-star hotels.

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Save Money During a Trip to Dubai

Tips of Traveling to Dubai in Budget

Trip to Dubai on a tight budget while experiencing the breathtaking views, friendly culture, and mouth-watering food of Dubai certainly isn’t impossible. It’s not that easy, but it isn’t impossible. Here are some tips to help you save money while you are out and travelling.

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Planning Ahead of Time

Plan Ahead to Travel to Dubai

Before heading out to dream trip to Dubai, make sure you’ve prepared yourself. Have easy access to your money, have your tickets, and passports ready as well. Are you prepared and packed? What will you need when you get there? Is there an embassy where I can go there?

Being prepared enables you to enjoy your trip without you getting lost, confused, and cheated out.

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Research the country you’re going to

Research Before Traveling to Dubai

Always do some reading about a country you’re planning to go to. Most of the time, tourists who have bad experiences of a country are those who don’t do a lot of reading beforehand. Certain countries may have ordinances or beliefs that may not go well with what you refer to as “the norm.”

For example, some restaurants in Laos often require visitors and locals alike to remove their footwear upon entering. In the United States, a thumbs-up might be a sign for well done or a good job, but for Greece, a thumbs-up could signal an offensive gesture. Swearing, speaking loudly and any display of affection in public may cause you in trouble in Dubai and other middle eastern countries. It’s best to avoid violating any local customs as doing so may get you fined. When you’re on a budget, a fine could easily hurt your travel experiences.

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Know the Exchange Rate

Currency Exchange Rate

It’s always important to know the exchange rate between countries. Knowing the current exchange rate can help avoid any confusion and save time when you’re buying in some stores. In most countries, most people don’t accept U.S. Dollars as payment. If some do accept your money, there’s a slight chance that you’ll be ripped off.

As you can see, rather than paying with dollars or euros, Live Well suggests that you should exchange your money with banks so you can avoid high fees and save up more for food, accommodation, and activities during your travels.

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Visiting in off-peak Season

Traveling to Dubai in Summer

It is always advisable that you should try to visit a country in the off-peak season. The biggest advantage of travelling in off-peak season is low rates at hotels. In Dubai, during off-peak season you can book expensive hotels with more than 70% discount prices. Though during the off-peak season climate in Dubai is very hot still you can enjoy many fun indoor activities and lively nightlife. You can avail discounted deals at many clubs in Dubai in summer.

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Always Book Your Hotel Near City Center

Downtown Dubai city Centre

Booking your hotel near the city centre will save you a lot of money. Always choose your hotel near the centre of the city so that you can travel to your unseen destination by public transportation or by walking or cycling. Using the Dubai Metro as a mode of public transport would be the cheapest option to travel around the city. Otherwise, taxis and personal cabs can cost you a lot.

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Food and Accommodation

Traditional Food in Dubai

Another good reason why you should have the proper research to know where the best and affordable places to sleep and eat are. Although many popular online tour guides will often recommend expensive hotels to you, you can always search for more affordable alternatives.

When it comes to food in Dubai, local cuisines are to die for. Always remember that local food isn’t expensive. They aren’t difficult to find either. Also, there are so many Indian and Pakistani expats living in Dubai. If you are looking for Indian cuisine you can have many restaurants available at affordable prices. In any case, always ask first before buying food to avoid any untoward surprises.

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Know the Language

Dubai Language

As a tourist, getting to know the language of the country you’re going to is a big plus. Foreigners who can speak a bit of the language can make locals feel good. In countries such as the Philippines, Filipinos will often lend a hand to foreigners and tourists who are confused with something. Dubai is a multi-cultural society so it might be possible that you don’t have to speak or listen to a single word of Arabic during your stay in Dubai. Almost all the traffic-signs and billboards-ads are in English. English has now become the most common language in Dubai instead of Arabic.

Some local shops will even offer you discounts if you know how to haggle with them in their own language.

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Final Words

I believe that a trip to Dubai would be indeed a fantastic experience. You get to know the locals and their customs, the exotic food, and the popular traditions within the amazing city. If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t have to worry, though. The tips mentioned above can help you save on money while fully experiencing the fun in Dubai.

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