Top 10 Reason That Makes Dubai a Very Popular Tourist Destination

Last updated on October 28th, 2019

Dubai currently is the fourth most popular tourist destination in the world and it is calculated that Dubai will capture the third position by 2017. Last year in 2015 its been reported that 14.2 million visitors traveled Dubai that makes a 10% increase compare to visitors in 2014. Indians are reported to lead the table with 1.6 million visitors. Dubai is targeting 20 million visitors in a year by 2020. To achieve this number of tourists needs to grow at a rate of 7 to 8 percent annually.

These are obviously some very amazing and impressive figures for a city that is surrounded by nothing but just Sand and where the summer heat cross 50 degrees every other day. Question is why and how Dubai has become the world’s most popular tourist destination and why Dubai has become the dream-land for every other tourist around the world.

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10 Reasons Dubai Became the Worlds Popular Tourist Destination

Here we are going to mention some top 10 reasons that make Dubai the most popular tourist destination in the World.

01. Business Hub

Dubai Business Hub

The growth in financial and business services, trade and logistics, and tourism activity, over the last couple of decades, has played an important role in fueling Dubai’s emergence as a global business hub. For this purpose, many different free zones were established all over the city. These free zones played quite an important role in the diversification of the economy of Dubai and in the creation of a business hub in the city. Business Tourists from all over the world impassioned to visit Dubai because it provides business activities and enjoyment both at a time.

02. Best Tourist Attraction in World

Dubai Attractions

The other reason for becoming the best tourist destination is that it has world best tourist attractions like tallest building in the world burj khalifa, One and only seven star hotel in the world burj al Arab, World biggest and exclusive shopping malls like Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates, World Largest Aquarium, Man made Island called The Palm, Heaven on Earth The Miracle Garden and many more. This is not the end there are many projects are still in progress and they will add to wonders of Dubai, like The Tower that will be 100 meter taller than Burj Khalifa, World Largest Ferris Wheel called Dubai Eye etc.

03. One of the Fastest Growing Cities in the World

Dubai Fastest Growing City

According to Washington based Brooking Institute’s report, Last year Dubai was ranked as the World’s Fastest Growing Metropolitan City for its growing economy. The report said that no any other metropolitan city grew faster relative to its national economy than Dubai. Dubai has become the global hub for professional services, tourism, business trade and transportation. This becomes another reason for tourists all over the world to visit that place of enthusiastic growth.

04. High Paying Jobs and Luxurious Lifestyle

High Paying Jobs in Dubai

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Dubai is known for its high paying jobs as well as a luxurious lifestyle. This is another major reason that Dubai has become the favorite destination for Expats. As Dubai is a business hub. Economic activities remain at peak all the time. Dubai has the lowest unemployment rate in the world. Companies need employees all the time. They offer highest paying jobs to the people from all over the world. Dubai offers high standards of living and luxurious life to its residents which attract the most to tourists. Expensive and luxurious life style of Dubai on one hand and high paying jobs in Dubai on the other hand makes Dubai the popular tourist destination.

05. Dubai a Fantasy Land

Dubai Fantasy Land

With so much luxury, glamour and amazing projects Dubai always portrays itself as the fantasy land for the tourists. Dubai is a place where fantasy converted to reality every day. The quality of life in Dubai is one of the best in world. In fact, Dubai has everything to spoil you with the luxury lifestyle. With so much wonder projects in Dubai, It has become the dream tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. I would highly suggest that everyone should visit Dubai once in a life. You definitely will not be disappointed.

06. Amazing Night Life

Dubai Nightlife

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Night life in Dubai is simply amazing. It offers everything for everyone. Dubai hosts one of the best bars and pubs in the region. With high paying jobs and luxurious lifestyle it is impossible to get bored in the glamorous city. Night bars, Restaurants, pubs are always remain busy throughout the year. It is always recommended that you should always book a table in advance. Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest in Dubai. Nightclubs in Dubai offer unforgettable experiences. Another good thing about Dubai is that it hosts people, tourists, expats from all over the world. It lets everyone to understand each other cultures. Amazing night life experience makes Dubai as one of the most popular tourist destination in the world.

07. Luxurious Dubai Beaches

Dubai Beaches

Dubai is blessed with long stretched beaches. Dubai also has worked hard to extend its coastline by building projects like The Palm, The World etc. Despite its hot weather, Dubai is most popular with beaches and simply can’t be beaten for its convenient. Tourists come to hit the beach whole year. Grab shades, flip flops and plenty of sunscreen, and soak up some rays at one of these top beach clubs. With a swim-up pool bar and curling water slides on the other, the pool and beach caters to a range of interests, whether it be lounging in the sun, lunching at the nearby restaurant in the pool or taking to the waves for some water sports makes your trip memorable. Dubai’s beaches are the tempting appeals for the tourists.

08. Air Hub

Dubai Air Hub

In 2014 Dubai International Airport became the busiest airport in the World with more than 70 million passengers. Also the national flag carrier The Emirates Airline rated as the World’s best Airline in 2013. For last couple of decades Dubai has become the center point of Air traffic. As being one of the best Airline passengers get connecting flights from Dubai International Airport. It is the tourists that make the Dubai the busiest air hub and are contributing more and more every year to make Dubai the most popular tourist destination in the world.

09. World Best Shopping Destination + Gold Market

Dubai Shopping Malls

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For so many years now Dubai has been rated as the shopping paradise. With more than 96 shopping malls including World Largest Shopping Mall (Dubai Mall) there is not better place for shopping than Dubai. With 75 million visitors in 2013 Dubai Mall has become the worlds most-visited destination. Dubai shopping malls are not just about retail. You can watch movies, do skating and skiing, watch world’s largest aquarium and even can do swimming at the malls. There are also many traditional markets in Dubai called Souks. Gold Souk is the most popular among them. When you talk about Dubai, 2nd thing comes into mind after shopping is Gold. Gold Souk is consists of over 300 retailers. People all over the world find it the center of attention to purchase good quality gold. Gold Souk is located at the heart of Dubai’s commercial business district in Deira.

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10. Bollywood Glamour

Bollywood in Dubai

Dubai has become like the 2nd home for most of the Bollywood stars. Big Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Bachchan Family, Ranbir Kapoor and many more have their Villas in Dubai. Bollywood stars visit Dubai in their daily routine for concerts, festival shows, for shopping and for a lot other activities. With more than 50% Dubai population consist of Indians and with 1.6 million Indian tourists every year Dubai has become the 2nd most popular Bollywood activities hub outside India. There is also a first Bollywood Theme Park in Dubai.